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Passed Down Blessings!

I give both of my girls a hard time, that’s part of my job as a Dad! 😉 Anyone who knows me, knows how proud I am of both of them and for so many different reasons.

I wanted to take a minute to brag on my oldest daughter, Gracie Harvell, because I see her do stuff like this all the time and this weekend, it just really made me think about what a blessing she is in so many ways to so many people and at the same time reminded me of how blessed we are as a family to have had ”good stuff” passed down to us.

On Saturday, Gracie got off work at 5 PM, came home, changed clothes and headed right back out the door to finish up a project she was working on at work. As she was heading out the door, she said: “I’ll take pictures!”, so I knew it must have been something important to her.

Around 7:45 PM, she still wasn’t home, so I thought, if it’s that important to her, then I need to go see for myself. When I got there, just before closing time, she was still working. She was doing a “reset”. Many people never stop to think about it, unless they’ve worked in retail, but the shelves and displays don’t magically reset themselves. And it’s not as simple as just throwing stuff up on a shelf or hanging stuff on a peg board.

Gracie could have left it for someone else to do. She could have assigned the task to someone else. She could have rushed through and just got it done, not concerned about spacing or presentation, but that’s not in her DNA. 🧬 She had to go back and was willing to go back on her own time, off the clock and finish what she started, because that is who she is and at the end of the day, she has to live with herself.

I totally understand and it reminded me of some principles that are a core part of who I am and how I operate. I am not a perfect person and I miss the mark in a lot of ways, but I am blessed to see that some of the things that matter to me, matter to my children as well.

And as I was thinking about all of this, I couldn’t help but think about parents and grandparents who passed this on to us, so we could pass this on to our children. Below are seven attributes that are important to our family and that have been passed along through the generations:

1. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!

2. Never ask anyone to do something you’re not willing to do yourself!

3. Go above and beyond what’s expected!

4. Do it right the first time!

5. Have fun and enjoy what you do – let your work fulfill you!

6. Never forget where you came from!

7. Always have in mind where you’re going!

Is It Worth It?

Questions have the ability to be very powerful in our lives if we are willing to use them in the right way. In order for us to use a question in the right way, we must first be willing to take the time to ask and answer the question and this will require some thought, which will cost us some time.

This morning I was thinking about my life and living through the years. I was thinking about some of the successes I have experienced and some of the failures I have survived. I started to think about what was it that helped me to succeed and what was it that caused me to fail? All of this thinking ultimately led me to a place of asking the question in my mind: “IS IT WORTH IT?”

And to be real honest, success or failure, it has all been worth it, because even when I have failed, I have learned something, survived something and the fact that it did not kill me is a great education. That does not mean that there are things that I wouldn’t change or do differently, because they most certainly are, but that choice is based on what I have learned and I may not have learned it, if I hadn’t gone through it, so???

There is great power in questions. And have you ever noticed how simple questions, often grow into complicated, profound and life changing questions, if we toil with them long enough? I mean think about this one “4 word question” and the power it has to shape our lives, if we would just use it consistently and honestly to evaluate the direction, purpose and decisions of our moment by moment daily living.

So whatever you are facing, if you really want to find fulfillment and experience happiness, I think this is a question we need to ask and answer in order to best guide the direction of our decision making. Here’s the question: ‘IS IT WORTH IT?”

I mean think about it and you will realize this question applies to about everything we will ever face or have to deal with. Should I eat the piece of cake after dinner? Do I give up on my dream relationship and move on to someone or something else? Do I take the promotion? Do we buy the house? Do I really need the car? Should I buy the outfit? And on and on we can go with all of the questions of life that are asked, but very often left unanswered.

“IS IT WORTH IT?” has the power to make us think. It has the power to make us take the time to process and really make a decision rather than just bounce through life like the little steel ball in a pinball machine.

I challenge you to take some time to think about some of the questions you need to think through in your life. In fact why not take out your journal and dedicate a page to writing down questions that you need to give some time and space to? With those questions in hand and in mind, now begin to ask yourself: IS IT WORTH IT? I think you will really be surprised at the clarity this will bring, if you will just be honest with yourself. And I think it’s much more effective to ask “Is it worth it?” on the front end, rather than “Was it worth it?” on the back end. Give it a try and see if it doesn’t make a difference, I mean – IS IT WORTH IT?

Working On Myself!


My Aunt Judy Having Fun At Easter Lunch!
My Aunt Judy Having Fun At Easter Lunch!

Hey!  I am glad that you made the choice to join me today!  Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post!  My goal in life is to help people find the right direction in life!  God has and is providing direction for my life and it excites me to be able to share that with others.  While I seek to improve and grow everyday, every so often, I go on a personal self improvement campaign.  It’s just a little something that I do to try and amp up my living life in the right direction that God has for me.


I thought that it would be cool to invite you to join me on this campaign!  All of us have things that we need to work on, areas of our life where we can grow and improve.  Today and this week – I am taking some steps to work on the spiritual and physical parts of my life.  

In my spiritual life, I want to grow deeper in my walk and relationship with Jesus.  I already have a daily devotional time with God, but I want to make sure that I am not allowing it to become just a part of my routine, so I am changing things up just a little.  This week I am still meeting God in the morning, but I am specifically looking for direction from Him about how I can have a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Him.  Here are some things that God revealed to me this morning:  

One of the biggest temptations of living in this world is the temptation to become superficial.  It does not benefit anyone to play make-believe!  Get real with God, yourself and everyone!  Another problem in our world today is the need for instant satisfaction – realize that some of the things that God has for you are not instant, but they take time, discipline and trust!

We live in a physical/material world, but this is not all that exist.  There is a spiritual world of God’s creating that we miss out on when we get too focused on the physical/material.  I tend to focus to much on the outside.  I get distracted by the outside.  I need to make sure that my focus is on the inside, because it is the inside that matters to God!  God will give me victory from the inside-out, if I will trust Him.

For my physical – exercise and diet!  It is a continual battle of my life to stay fit physically.  Spiritual discipline seems to come much easier for me than physical discipline.  This week I am going to exercise everyday and I am going to try to treat food as fuel and make sure that I am taking the right stuff in.  I know it does not sound very fun or exciting, but I have to figure out how to make it that way.  I believe that my body is the temple and I have some fixing up to do!

How about you?  Do you have any spiritual or physical work that needs to be done in your life?  If you do, then join me and we will work on it together!  It’s going to be a great journey!