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It’s Under Your Feet!

What Are You Standing On?
What Are You Standing On?

My Grandfather loved his land.  He bought it from his Dad and had worked it for the major part of his life.  We used to walk the property lines every Sunday and he would tell me stories of things that had taken place on this sacred piece of earth.

He knew that bounty was not something that you kept in a bank, nor was it a job that you worked nine to five.  Real bounty was the gifts and blessings that flowed into your life through the generosity of the ground under your feet.

The green hills provided a place of shelter, a place to belong and call home.  The fertile soil with the smell of life gave fruits and vegetables.  The thick forest offered retreat and comfort, while the wide open plains offered opportunity for adventure.

The land, as my Pa called it, has already provided us with all that we need to live a life of peace and joy.  Our Creator, created the Heaven and the earth and they are perfect creations, doing everything that they are supposed to do.  From the Heaven comes wind, rain and the bright sunlight of day.  While the earth gives us a place to live, nourishment for our body, minerals for our growth, jewels for our decoration and somewhere to go and something to do.

Everything that we need is either just above our heads or right under our feet.  Stop looking past the horizon, when what you need is within your grasp.  Bend down, pick up some dirt and think about the significance of what you are holding.  Now think about what you are walking on, claim what you have been blessed with and be careful not to miss what your Creator has given you!

The Invitation Of Need!

Hope Has More than She Needs!
Hope Has More than She Needs!

I am currently in the process of re-reading a book by Craig Groeschel, pastor of  www.lifechurch.tv.  In this book he makes the following statement:  “Maybe you’ve heard the old adage, “Where God guides, ha always provides.”  We’ve made up a new saying:  “God often guides by what he doesn’t provide.”

So many times in life we catch ourselves thinking “if I just had this or that, then I could do something with my life!”  We think that there is something else that we need to complete the calling that God has given us.  The fact is:  God has aready given us what we need!  The problem is:  We fail to see it!

A need is an invitation to stop, look around and take in all that God has already blessed you with!  A need allows you to look with a different set of eyes and see things that ordinarily you would overlook!  So don’t get caught up and stuck in what you don’t have, instead take some time to appreciate what you do have and then get busy doing something with it for God and His glory!