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The Bible says that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen!  We mess faith up when we put it in a person or thing that it was never intended to be placed in.  Faith was created by God and for God!  We need to put our faith in God, His power and His will!  I believe in people and I, often times believe in them so much, that I put my faith in them – the problem is this:  When I put my faith in people, I take away from my faith in God!  I need to keep my faith, all of it – in God!  Every time that I put my faith in people, I am let down and disappointed.  I am expecting way to much!

We need to love people, walk with people and grow in life together with people, but we need to keep our Faith in God and His will for our lives!  People will let you down, not because they mean to, just simply because they are people.  God will never let you down, and He will always be available to pick you up, if you will just have faith in Him!  Trust God and He will provide the faith that you need to keep trusting Him every moment of every day!

Practice Friendliness Today!

Take some time and make an effort to be friendly today!  Smile and make people think that you are up to something!  Say hello and wake people up!  You will cross paths with many different people today – make sure that you do more than cross paths!  Make a connection!  With your smile and hello you may just remind them that there is a God of LOVE and that He cares for all of us!

If each one of us would do just our little bit, it would be amazing what could be accomplished for the Kingdom!  Look at me – I am smiling at you!  Smile back!  Now doesn’t that make you feel better!  Have a blessed day!

The Invitation Of Need!

Hope Has More than She Needs!
Hope Has More than She Needs!

I am currently in the process of re-reading a book by Craig Groeschel, pastor of  www.lifechurch.tv.  In this book he makes the following statement:  “Maybe you’ve heard the old adage, “Where God guides, ha always provides.”  We’ve made up a new saying:  “God often guides by what he doesn’t provide.”

So many times in life we catch ourselves thinking “if I just had this or that, then I could do something with my life!”  We think that there is something else that we need to complete the calling that God has given us.  The fact is:  God has aready given us what we need!  The problem is:  We fail to see it!

A need is an invitation to stop, look around and take in all that God has already blessed you with!  A need allows you to look with a different set of eyes and see things that ordinarily you would overlook!  So don’t get caught up and stuck in what you don’t have, instead take some time to appreciate what you do have and then get busy doing something with it for God and His glory!