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tomato8oz_Duke's_MayoOne of my favorite things about this time of year is tomatoes! I love tomatoes!  I especially love them ripe, sliced and in between two slices of bread, smothered with Dukes Mayo and sprinkled with pepper!  I also like them green, battered and fried crispy brown!

Another thing that I like about tomatoes is watching them grow! One day you have a little yellow flower and the next a small green ball.  The green ball continues to grow and change it’s shape and then it starts to change it’s color.  It eventually turns into a big, red, ripe and juicy tomato.  When it turns red, ripe and juicy, you better pick it and use it or it will rot!

We are a lot like tomatoes! We are green and growing or ripe and rotting! The difference between us and the tomato is that we get to make the choice!

What are you? You are green and growing when you realize that you don’t know everything and there is still much for you to learn!  You are ripe and rotting when you think that you have arrived and simply seek to live life on cruise control!

I want to be green and growing! I want to learn all of the amazing new things that God puts in front of me everyday!  It is exciting to think that everyday is another day for me to grow and change!  God is still working on me!

I have changed a lot through the years and the most incredible thing is this:  Some of my most amazing change and growth is still in front of me!  Enjoy letting God grow you today!

How Old Are You?

David's been crying because I never mention him in a blog - so here ya go!
David's been crying because I never mention him in a blog - so here ya go!

Last night we talked about “What’s The Big Deal About Age?” We are working our way through 1 Samuel 3 and we were taking a look at old Eli and Young Samuel and discovered that there are some things that we need to learn wherever we are in our journey!

The Problem With Getting Old! Getting old does not have to be a bad thing.  In fact getting old can be a good thing, if we will learn to age with Grace!  But for a lot of people, the problem with getting old comes when you get to a point where you stop learning.  Eli was loosing his physical vision and had already lost most of his spiritual vision.  He was more than likely loosing his ability to hear physically and he had certainly already lost his ability to hear spiritually.  There came a point in his growing older that he stopped learning.  There came a point when he just stopped seeing and hearing the things of God!  What a tragedy!

As we get older – we begin to lose our physical senses! As we lose our physical senses, we need to enhance and grow our spiritual senses.  As the physical dies – the spiritual should grow.  As the flesh grows old, the spirit should grow strong!  Getting old does not have to be a bad thing.  You just need to learn to make the switch from physical to spiritual.  This is what we ought to spend our lives doing any way!

As we all get older and begin to lose our physical senses – let’s make sure that we are working to grow, develop and strengthen our spiritual senses, so that we can hear, see and respond to the awesome stuff of God!

Get Some Rest!

My Dad Getting Some Rest!
My Dad Getting Some Rest!

Luke 23:56 says “On the Sabbath they rested according to the commandment!”

We live in a 24/7 world, where activity is taking place on top of activity! Many people are in the process of doing three or more things all at the same time. We think that the more busy we get, the more important we are.  Our big problem is often a lot of activity, but very little result!  We stir up a lot of dust, but when the dust settles – what is there to show for it?

I think this is one of the reasons why God commanded a Sabbath! We need to take a break from all that we are doing, so that we can remember Who and what we are doing it for.  There are a lot of benefits to taking a Sabbath Rest!  Our mind, body and spirit get a much needed break from the often punishing routines of life.  Our life gets a chance to restructure and reorganize for better service that really makes a difference.  And we gain a clarity that can only come from taking a little time to survey the scene from a place of rest.

Genesis 2 says:  “By the seventh day God completed His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done.” Who are we to think that we should not rest, when our Creator took the time to rest?

Make sure that you are taking some time to rest, so that you can give God your very best! In your time of rest make sure to take some time to think about God’s plans for you and your life and make sure that you take some time to thank God for your life and all that He has given and done to make it blessed!