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The Journey To Fulfillment!

There is a plan and purpose for this human experience that we call life. The question we should be asking ourselves is: “Am I allowing my life to come into alignment with the Spirit and the loving plan the Master Creator has for me?” Remember: There are no accidents, everything is intentional flowing from the Devine mind of love and light.

The goal is purpose, fulfillment, happiness and satisfaction for all that have a heartbeat. The key is making sure that my life, love and light align with the life, love and light of the Spirit of which I am a part and which is a part of me. what am I seeking, working for or trying to manifest? Have I allowed my ego to distract me and cause me to get caught up in the blame game or have I allowed myself to get so frustrated that I’m stuck somewhere back in my past sins, failures and disappointments?

The ego will try to persuade me that I am what I do, what I have or who I think people say I am and the danger of buying into this lie is that it causes me to get caught up in competition, which keeps me from collaboration in creation with my Creator, who has made me in His image. Every moment of everyday, I have a choice to make. I can give into the ego and choose the ordinary or I can align with LOVE and choose the supernatural.

My intention determines my inspiration, which provides my instruction that teaches me to overcome fear with love and illuminate darkness with light. God is always at work on my behalf, the question that really matters is: Will I join Him? I am blessed and my blessing grows when I share it with others, so take whatever you’ve been given and share it in such a way that it improves and makes life better for others and then be amazed at how your life aligns with the Spirit, who reveals your created purpose and offers you a journey to fulfillment…

Created For More!

We live in an amazing world, a world which is filled with happy accidents and divine happenings, intermingling to create one of a kind experiences that are almost impossible to be explained with words alone. Holding this all together is the cosmic thought that encourages each one of us in the direction of perfection. I’m not talking about the manmade, limited kind, but the God ordained supernatural stuff that can’t be explained, only experienced.

Sometimes I miss it, because my life, even though I try for it not be, becomes driven by my ego, that pesky whispering in my ear that I am what I have, what I do or what I think people think of me. I know somewhere deep in my heart that I am so much more, yet still, I engage in that never-ending battle and tend to get stuck somewhere between love and fear. I miss the magical because my self-sabotage would rather see me imprisoned and suffering in the hell I’ve created by being distracted by my own self-loathing blame which causes me to lash out to attack others and myself in a mental game of hide-and-seek.

I know I was created for more. My Spirit inside of me inspires me to look for, see and embrace the joy for which I was created, so that I might experience love and all the miracles it manifest. Everywhere I go, I see the handwriting of God, reminding me that I am not a human being, I am a spiritual being and this human experience is a gift for me, offering me the opportunity to co-create the perfection that is God in all of my everyday experiences.

This is the perfection we were created for. This is where we find our true selves. This is where we experience the fulfillment that leads to peace, which allows us to enjoy the happiness we were created for.

Too Much Noise!


One of the great challenges of living in today’s world is learning to deal with all of the noise.  When I say learning to deal with it, I am talking about learning to get past it, so that we might be able to hear what is really important and needed.  I really do think that most of us are living with information overload.  We get media input from so many different sources and ideas and opinions from so many competing directions, that we have gotten used to living in a continual spin.

Some days I wake up from my noisy dreams to an even more noisy world and I know that I am missing something, but just can’t seem to figure it out.  Then I realize that I am never going to figure it out with all of the noise, so I begin to try to filter some of the noise away.  This seems to work for a moment, but then, I realize that I still am not anywhere near to what I am really searching for, so I go in search of quietness.  It is not near as easy as it used to be to find solitude.

Solitude is the place where we step out of the noisy world and into the peaceful relationship that we were created for.  It is the best place to listen and learn from our Creator.  It is the place where we figure out what life is really all about.  The journey to solitude is not easy and it will cost you, but it is a trip worth taking.  In fact, once you take this trip, you will want to take it again and again, because you will discover that solitude is the place that enables you to live blessed!

Good Company!

One of the greatest blessings of living in this human experience, is that we get to spend time in the company of our Creator.  How amazing is it that we can know and be known by our Creator?  Through relationship with Him, we get to participate in the divine.  When we learn to live in the joy and power of this relationship, then we watch as gray skies turn to blue and the mundane takes on new significance.

A big part of our lives is the monotonous routine of doing the same things over and over again, day after day.  And for many, this becomes life.  When we live in relationship with our Creator, even the routine takes on purpose and meaning, and provides fulfillment through enlightenment!

The best place to focus my mind and energy is in the Spirit, where I get to travel with my Creator as a constant companion and friend.  He shows me things that I would never see on my own.  He gives me understanding that I could never discover in my own power and strength.  He guides me to places of blessing and miracles.

You can live in the presence of your Creator and have His presence walk with you through the struggles and blessings of this life and even the most challenging of days will open up as opportunities for enlightenment and learning.  This is a great miracle and should never be taken for granted!  Enjoy the relationship, appreciate it’s power and live blessed!

God Working In You!

What an amazing thought:  God created me and is working in me, giving me the desire and power to do what pleases Him and what blesses me.  What an awesome God!  Our Creator has expectations for us to be successful and blessed.  Our Creator is given glory when we accomplish what we were created for!  You are not an accident and you are not here as a spiritual being living a human experience by some randomness.

Paul tells is in Philippians:  “Dear friends, you always followed my instructions when I was with you. And now that I am away, it is even more important. Work hard to show the results of your salvation, obeying God with deep reverence and fear.  For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.”  Philippians 2:12-13

Work hard, obey God and remember that God is at work in and through you!

Living Love!

“If we love our Christian brothers and sisters, it proves that we have passed from death to life. But a person who has no love is still dead.”  I John 3:14

What Is Love?
What Is Love?

I have talked about this before, in a several different places.  There are many different definitions and ideas about what love is.  Most people in our world now a days, seem to have made themselves very comfortable with the idea that love is something that we fall into and can fall out of.  This idea believes that love is some magical feeling we get when we meet the right person.  If this is what you think of when you think of love, then you are probably right about it being something that we can fall into and out of.

A better word for that magical feeling that we get when we meet that person that makes us feel really special is probably attraction.  Love, real love is appreciating the goodness in another person.  When the Bible speaks of God’s love for us, it is God appreciating the goodness is us.  You may think, but there is nothing good in me compared to God, and you would be right, but we can’t forget that God created us and we are made in His image.  God sees what we can’t see and His attraction to that good in us allows him to appreciate the good that he can see and that is love.

Love is active and we can create it, just by appreciating the goodness that is in another person.  This is why love really is a choice.  A choice that each of us make many times and in many different ways every day.

There are in existence, what I like to think of as different flavors of love.  There is “eros”, where we get our word erotic.  When we accept and appreciate the beauty of the physical in another person, we experience this “eros” love.  Eros love is often the next step after attraction, but it does not have to be.  “Eros” love is about physical passion, gratification and fulfillment.

There is a love called “storge”.  This is the love that parents share with children and children share with parents.  It is only natural to look at your blood and appreciate the goodness, often of yourself that is in them.  This is a love that flows almost naturally and without effort.

There is also “phileo” love.  Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love.  This is a love of affections, a love that takes delight in being in the presence of another.  This is often that warm feeling that seems to come and go.  This is a love that cares about another as if they were blood.

And then there is “agape” love.  This is the love that our Creator loves us with.  This is love that seeks the welfare and blessing of the other person.  This is a love that flows regardless of the feelings or emotions that we often get tangled up in.  This truest of loves is a choice that we make, regardless of how we feel and that is why this love is so powerful.

When we love others, it is proof that the love of God has found its way into our lives.  Proof that we are not dead, but alive to Him and His power that flows into and through our lives. We should seek this love and share this love, because it means that we are alive and being alive, really alive is a good thing!

It’s Up To You!

You Get To Make Yours!

I am one week into my evolving plan to live a higher life.  I thought I would take just a moment to share a big idea that seems to have come through from what I am learning every day.  The big idea for this week is:  You Have A Choice!

You get to make a choice about how you are going to respond to life.  You can respond in a negative or positive way – it is totally up to you about how you respond.  Once you get focused on the reality of this truth, there are some things that you can do, to unleash its power in your moment by moment living.

Here are three ideas worth considering:

1.) Take Negatives Out!  There are people and places that you do not need to be around and that you do not need around you.  This will pull you down, before you pull it up, so take some time to step away, so that you can get yourself strong and then when you have yourself in a good place and are ready, you can try to help others.  Remember:  What you allow to come into your life has influence.  The question that should determine if it is allowed in or not is simply this:  Is this adding more than it’s taking away.  If the answer is no, then you know the tough decision you have to make.

Use your five senses to apply this:  Don’t allow your sight to focus on anything that is not adding value.  Don’t allow your hearing to listen to anything that is not adding value.  Don’t allow your touch to feel anything that is not adding value.  Don’t allow yourself to taste to cause you to eat anything that is not adding value.  Don’t allow your smell to lead you into a bad indulgence that is not adding value.

2.) Put Positives In!  You will find that when you start to get rid of negatives, that you will need to replace them with something.  If we fail to replace them with good and productive positives, then other negatives will find a way to fill the void.

Look for positive relationships that build you and allow you to build others.  Listen to encouraging and upbeat stuff.  Get in touch with your feelings and learn to allow them to provide direction support for where you need to go and what you need to do.  Taste that life is good and take some time to stop and smell the roses, that you most of the time rush by without even realizing that they are there.

3.)  Build A System!  None of this happens by accident, so make sure that you are taking a little time everyday to build a system.  Get a journal and pen and begin to record what you are learning and the insights that this different way of living is providing.  Take time to write down at least five new things that you are thankful for everyday.  Make plans for your dreams to become reality by putting pen to paper.

Your Creator has amazing things in store for you – don’t miss it!  Thanks so much for taking time to let me share with you and I would love it, if you would share back with me.  Leave me a comment or send me an email.  I hope you have a great weekend and until the next time we meet – live blessed!