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Created For More!

We live in an amazing world, a world which is filled with happy accidents and divine happenings, intermingling to create one of a kind experiences that are almost impossible to be explained with words alone. Holding this all together is the cosmic thought that encourages each one of us in the direction of perfection. I’m not talking about the manmade, limited kind, but the God ordained supernatural stuff that can’t be explained, only experienced.

Sometimes I miss it, because my life, even though I try for it not be, becomes driven by my ego, that pesky whispering in my ear that I am what I have, what I do or what I think people think of me. I know somewhere deep in my heart that I am so much more, yet still, I engage in that never-ending battle and tend to get stuck somewhere between love and fear. I miss the magical because my self-sabotage would rather see me imprisoned and suffering in the hell I’ve created by being distracted by my own self-loathing blame which causes me to lash out to attack others and myself in a mental game of hide-and-seek.

I know I was created for more. My Spirit inside of me inspires me to look for, see and embrace the joy for which I was created, so that I might experience love and all the miracles it manifest. Everywhere I go, I see the handwriting of God, reminding me that I am not a human being, I am a spiritual being and this human experience is a gift for me, offering me the opportunity to co-create the perfection that is God in all of my everyday experiences.

This is the perfection we were created for. This is where we find our true selves. This is where we experience the fulfillment that leads to peace, which allows us to enjoy the happiness we were created for.

Change The Question!

Who am I? That’s a great question and just as soon as I start to answer it, I change and become someone else. I mean think about it – for whatever lifetime you have lived in this human experience, you have lived in an ever changing, continually developing body.

I began this experience with the body of a chubby and if I do say so myself, adorable baby boy. A little later on, I occupied a thin as a rail, blonde hair, blue eyed, big smiling little boy. A little boy who possessed a unique ability to get into stuff a lot quicker than I could get out of it. I eventually developed into a teenager and had an appetite that could never seem to be satisfied, which contributed to a ever changing body. From there I became a young man that always seemed to be engaged it the battle of trying to take off a few pounds. Now a days I am what many would consider middle aged and my body, well, let’s just say it has decided that it will speak for itself.

We spend most of our lives associating who we are with how we look and the great tragedy here is that the old saying is true: “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover!” About the time, we start to get comfortable in one form of our body, another one comes along and takes it’s place and it seems the process begins all over again.

Who am I? Well before I can even try to answer that question, I have to realize and accept that I am not my body, because my body is continually, moment by moment, daily changing. Here’s the really interesting thing: We can let our body shape us or we can shape our body! And which way do you think this is supposed to work? The Bible puts it this way in Ephesians 2:10 ”For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”

I am learning to just be me, whatever body I am occupying. I told a friend the other day “I am 51 years old, but I feel like I am 25 -30 years old. In my mind, I think like a 30 year old, not like a 50 year old. I remember when I used to think 50 was old, but not now.

So, if I am not my body, then who am I? The “I” that you are looking for is who you really are. It’s who you were created to be. It’s the you that you live with 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The “I” you are looking for is still becoming. Our problem is that we are looking for a completed product and we can’t find it, because we are still in process.

And so here is the good news today – if you can’t find yourself, it means that you are a work in progress. You are still becoming and so the question needs to change from “Who am I?” to “Who do I want to be?” The simple changing of the question is a game changer that sets your focus in the right direction and aligns your life for blessing.

And so I ask you: WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE? the choice truly is yours…

Week In Review!

Hello Friends,

It’s hard to believe it, but March winds have blown February away and we are well on our way into this new year.  Maybe you had some resolutions or goals and you find that you have not made the progress that you would like to have made toward their accomplishment.  If that is the case, then I want to encourage you to stick with me over the next couple of weeks, as we seek to get back on track with the great things that we were created for.

This has been a great week for me and I just want to shout out a few praises about some of the special things that touched me and ministered in my life.  So here goes:

Grace Place Even When Closed Is Open For Ministry!  It always amazes me to watch the faithfulness of our “Graceteers”.  They show up day after day, week after week and month after month to help share grace with people from all walks of life.  This past week was our “Restock” week and our “Graceteers” showed up in full force to help make sure that the job of getting the store ready for the first full week of March was accomplished.  The amazing thing is watching how they minister to each other and to others that happen by the campus.  Even when there is not any shopping taking place at Grace Place Store, there is still lots of ministry going on for God’s glory and people’s blessing.

Love Wednesday Evening Bible Study And Fellowship!  Everyone needs to recharge and Wednesday evenings provide just that.  God has blessed us with a great group of men and women that love growing together and the Spirit continues to provide just what we need from the Word to face the rest of the week.  Our children and youth also have a blast and amaze me at how they keep growing.  Thanks to each of you that help to make this such a special time.

Unplanned Blessings From A Funeral!  This week I had the honor of ministering to a very special group of family and friends of a very special and gifted young man that passed from this life into Eternity.  I did not know most of the family or the friends and they did not know me, but after it was all said and done, I believe we all got to know each other a lot better.  It was a real blessing for me to be able to share God’s grace and comfort and I walked away with the blessing of knowing myself a little bit better!

Brothers & Sisters From Another Mother!  What an exciting time this morning to go and have church with some of my spiritual family from Bible Way Temple on Prince Street in Sunny Side.  They certainly know how to praise God and bless His servant.  My fire was lit when I got there and it was blazing when I left.  I may have skipped 2nd and 3rd gear, but no one seemed to mind.  Breakfast with these folks was another amazing blessing and the fried bologna had to be the highlight of the party.  Can’t wait to have even more fellowship together!

My week is filled with all kinds of activity and I literally am heading in three directions at one time, most of the time, but God still manages to use it all for His glory and our blessing and for that I am grateful.  In fact, if there was one word I would use to express how I feel about this past week, that word would be GRATEFUL.  Thank You Lord!

Thanks for letting me share with you and thanks for continuing to remember me and the ministry I give leadership to in prayer.  So thankful to have each of you in my life!

Live Blessed,

Michael Joe