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ImageI love getting to serve my Creator with my life everyday through the ministry of Grace Place.  While I love Grace Place and what we get to do there, the most valuable lesson that I have learned is that I don’t have to have a place or a position to do what I have been called to do.  The Spirit is teaching me that I can do what I have been called, gifted and equipped to do for His glory in pretty much any place and at anytime.

The key to living in this sweet spot is really pretty simple:  “LIVE IN RELATIONSHIP!”  I have been in relationship with God for a long time, and it has always been a beautiful and very meaningful thing, but in the last year, God has allowed me to travel to a new place of understanding and growth.  What used to be times with the Spirit has become time with the Spirit.  Instead of having little moments here and there, it seems more like one gigantic moment that never ends.  I never know what He is going to surprise me with next!

I learn something new almost everyday and on most days, I can chalk up most of the day as a learning experience.  While I still have to fight the battle against, activity, noise and distraction, I realize more and more fully the value of the time I have been given, the resources I have been blessed with and the amazing gifts of love, grace, mercy, peace and hope!

A few years ago, I told a friend to not pay any attention to the crowd, but to remember that her life is a performance for “an audience of one!”  And while this is very good and proper advice, I will promise you that it is a lot easier said than done, but that does not mean that we should throw in the towel and not even try, because it is in the trying that the lessons are learned and the battles are won.

The fact that you are here is evidence that you are loved.  God created you and allows you as a spiritual being to live this human experience, so that you can learn, grow and develop for the blessing of others and the glory of Himself.  I want to challenge you to stop enduring life and start enjoying it, every part!  Thanks for reading my posts and I hope they encourage you to live blessed, because it is what you were created for!

Juggling Too Many Balls!

Up In The Air!Lately, I have become too busy!  I feel like I am running a never-ending marathon.  I am not complaining, just realizing that I cannot keep up this pace.  I was not created to live life this way and neither were you.

I spend almost all of my days taking care of other people and their needs.  I don’t regret this, I love that I get to do this, but then add-on top of this all the stuff that other people throw your way and that’s when it gets crazy.

Sometimes I feel like a guy juggling three balls, now that’s not so bad, even a little entertaining, but then someone throws in a fourth ball and then a fifth and a sixth.

I started out juggling three.  Three is what I juggle and now I am juggling six!  But that’s okay, because I got this.  And then all at once come balls seven, eight, nine and ten.  I think this is insane!

I finally get ball ten thrown back out.  I work my way through balls nine, eight, seven, six and get them returned to their rightful owners.  I actually pull off a pretty cool trick with balls five and four.  And now I am back to the three balls that I started with.

This is what I was created for.  Juggling three balls is a piece of cake.  I can’t stand all those other balls and I am glad they are gone.  Then I think – I was juggling ten balls and it did not kill me.  Look at how many more lives I was able to impact.  Look at how cool is was to juggle ten balls – baby!

Now I look at my three that I am very comfortable with and I think “one more won’t hurt!” and this is where the craziness starts all over.  In life, God gives you a certain number of balls to juggle.  Figure out what you are comfortable with, what you enjoy, what allows you to give Him glory.  It’s not about the amount that you juggle, it’s that you juggle for His glory.

Every now and then life will try to add something extra, if God gives you permission – take it on.  If God does not give you permission, then stay satisfied with what you’ve got and make sure you do the best with it by making the most of it!

I am still learning and I have had to learn a lot the hard way.  My main three are God, Family/Friends and Ministry.  Anything else is going to have to come with God’s permission and empowerment!

What Do You Expect?

What Do You Expect?

Our expectations often determine our realities!  Expectations have the potential to limit or increase your blessing!  We usually get what we expect!  In Matthew 9:29, Jesus says: “According to your faith will it be done to you.” In other words if you expect things to be bad, then they will most likely be bad, but if you expect things to be good, then they will most likely turn out for good!

If you see the glass half empty, then you will always be focusing on what you don’t have and you will probably never have anything of substance.  If you see the glass half full, then you have learned to focus on the blessings in hand and you will probably see your life travel in the direction of more and greater blessing.

This does not mean that you don’t ever have any problems or challenges.  It just means that you have learned to look at them differently than the majority of the world.  God loves you and He has an amazing plan for your life and He has promised that He will use even the bad for good in the lives of those who love Him and who live according to His calling to fulfill His purpose!

If your expectations are messed up and in the wrong place, then change them up.  Start by taking some time to pray and ask for God’s help.  Next, spend some time letting the positive message of God’s Word to move in positive way through your life.  And finally challenge yourself every time you find the negative and low expectations creeping in!

You can do this – grow your expectations and Give God Glory!