Figure It Out!

Success occurs when you take the time to figure our what’s important!  You and I have to take some time and ask ourselves some questions, if we are going to figure out what our goals are!  What does success mean to you?  It is different for everybody!  What does it mean for you?  What would your life look like and be like, if you were successful?

The most successful people in life have figured out what they want to become and what they want to achieve!  God want’s each of us to be successful and I believe that there are at least five principles of Godliness that lead to our being the success that He has created each of us to be!  They are focus, hard work, growing relationships, perseverance and blessings!  We need to focus our lives and head in the right direction – what is the point of wandering through life aimlessly?  We need to work hard and smart because this is the primary place that we find personal fulfillment!  We need to pursue and cultivate growing relationships, because we were not created to do life by ourselves!  We need to persevere, because God gives us the strength to face and be victorious in anything that the world might throw our way!  We need to bless and be blessed, because God created us so that He could bless us and use us to bless others!

You have a choice to make – you can live life according to circumstances and excuses or you can live life according to purpose!  Figure out what your purpose is and pursue with everything that you’ve got!  How do you define success?  Take and make the time to figure this one out and it will change your life!


Success occurs when you develop and chase after the right goals!  First, we must realize and accept that God wants each of us to succeed!  Second, we must take the time to think about what success means at this time and place in our lives!  Third, we must develop a set of goals that will cause us to move toward the success that God has for us!

Realistic goals help us to live life on purpose!  The people that I know that are happy and fulfilled are people that set and reach goals!  We should set goals in every area of our life!  A goal is an invitation to get better and do better!  To set goals effectively, we must take some time to think through and about our lives – where they have been and where they are going!  We need to exercise our brains and think about what it really means to move forward into the places of blessing that God has created for us!  As we set goals in the different areas of our lives, we will discover an internal motivation that pushes us toward a permanent and growing success!

Goals are important because they help shape the future on purpose, rather than by accident!  Goals help you to live life, which is much better than managing life!  Goals provide you with a continuous source of motivation!  Goals will help you to stay focused, so that you can concentrate on what is really important!  Goals will help you to make better decisions and quicker decisions, because you have something to base you decision on!  Goals will require you to be confident in their setting and will cause you to grow in confidence in their achievement!  Goals are the only way I know to create an amazing future right now in the present!  Goals help you to control change, rather than allowing change to control you!  Goals help you to become aware of opportunities and give you the clarity of mind to take advantage of them!  Goals help you become the person that God created and gifted you to become!

Take some time to develop the goals and chase after some meaningful goals in your life.  It will grow you, bless others and honor God!


Today I want to take a few moments of your time to talk and think about success!  This will be the spring-board for what we talk about for the rest of the week.  There are a lot of things for us to think about, but most of them cannot be important, until we get comfortable with the idea of success.  Success was God’s idea!  He came up with the whole concept and then the world got a hold of it and began to warp it and make it about a lot of other stuff that God never intended.  We should be comfortable with success – not the world’s version, but with God’s version!  It is God’s desire that each one of us succeed at what He created and gifted us to do.  And we will know that we are succeeding when we begin to experience the fulfillment that comes from walking according to His plans for our lives!  Over the next several days, we will discover some of the Basics Of Success according to God’s Plan!

Success Occurs In The Lives Of Specific People For Specific Reasons!  We need to understand that success does not happen by accident.  Most of us will never wake up one morning to discover we lost twenty pounds without doing a thing!  You will not get that raise or pay off that debt by accidentally finding the money and sending it to the right people.  That promotion will not just accidentally happen – you will have to work for it and prove that you deserve it!  That’s what success is about – doing what God created and gifted you to do and finding fulfillment in it!

Some people think that success would come if they could just change their luck.  “I’m just not lucky like so and so!” you might hear someone say!  But the truth is luck has nothing to do with it!  Did Michael Jordan get to be a basket ball star because he was lucky?  No-Way!  He was a star because he worked hard, practiced continually and gave himself totally to the game!  Success is not based on luck!  Think of people that you know that are successful and think about how they got to where they are – almost every time, if you are honest, they got there because they worked hard with what God had given them and made it count!

Success is something that you make happen!  Wherever you are and whatever you want to happen in your life – if it is going to happen, it will happen, because you have made up your mind that you are going to do whatever it takes!  The Bible teaches that a man will reap whatever he sows!  In other words:  Whatever you plant – God will grow!  What are you planting with your actions or lack of action? 

Be specific!  What has God gifted you to do and what are you going to do about it?  Do more than think about it – get obedient and make something happen!

Amazed By Grace!

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