Talk To Yourself!

We should take some time everyday to talk to our Creator and to talk to ourself!  You might be thinking:  “What would I say to self?”  I’ll give you some suggestions in the next several posts:

Today is a great day and I am glad that God has given it to me!  I am living an amazing life!  I am using the abilities provided by my Creator which allow me to create and choose what kind of a life I am going to live and enjoy.  I am full of energy and journey through life with peace, joy and happiness.  I attract and am attracted to those that love and protect peace, joy and happiness, and I love to spend time with them!  God has put His purpose in my heart and I know why I am here and what I am doing.  Every day and in every way, I understand what I want and what I was created for.  I am healthy, refreshed and ready for whatever it is that is about to come my way!  I am dressed inside and out in the manner that I have chosen for myself and what others think does not influence me in a negative or positive way.  What is important is that God is pleased with me and that I find peace in who and what I am.

Back Up Your Life!

I am back!  I had a computer crash and have been trying to get things back up and running!  Fortunately, I had backed up all of the important information, but seemed to have lost some pics and music!  Just a week before the big crash, I had thought to myself, that I needed to backup my whole computer on one of those external hard drives, but never got around to going and buying one!  The result:  I did not lose everything, but, I did lose some things!

The whole process got me to thinking about how we know what we ought to do, but often never get around to doing it.  Like we know that we should back up our lives by reading, studying and applying God’s Word.  We hear the sermons, but how often do we really take the time to back up our lives by applying what we are hearing?

Take some time today think about some of the areas of your life that God could improve – and think about how some of what you are hearing and reading applies.  Back up your daily living with the good stuff of God and you will be amazed at how much sweeter life can be!

Cold Weather!

Was it cold to you this morning?  I got a chill that I could not seem to get rid of!  I need to go outside and work on setting up for Sweet Treat, but I am not sure that I want to go out there again – at least not until it warms up a little!  Feeling the cold and feeling it in such a major way got me to thinking about how much we don’t feel.  When life is working as usual and everything is going the way that we like for it to go – we tend to feel very little.  But let something change, even just a little bit and watch out – there are all kinds of feeling and our thoughts are shared freely.

I have not felt the cold in a while and so I have gotton used to the warmth and it has become comfortable to me.  Now the cold comes and attempts to mess with and take away my comfort!  My first thought is:  “I can’t stand this cold!”  My second thought is:  “I am going to do all that I can to avoid it!”  But wait just a minute – I like the cold weather!  It puts a spring in my step, I seem to breath easier and I get to wear cloths that have been hanging in my closet looking lonely all summer long!

My problem is not what I feel!  My problem is that I have not felt what I am feeling for a while and so I am not used to it and I am tempted to avoid and miss it, when I need to embrace and enjoy it!  Our spiritual life is very much the same!  We have an expereince that is not what we are used to and we are tempted to go to pieces, but when we stop for just a momnet and think about it, things are not near as bad as we might think!  In fact, they might be better than we realize!

So – whatever is going on in your life today = embrace it and look forward to the journey that God has you on!

Amazed By Grace!

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