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Love Is A Wonderful Thing!

Who remembers Michael Bolten? He used to sing a song called “Love Is A Wonderful Thing!” He said: “Love is a wonderful thing, make you. smile through the pouring rain. Turn your world into one sweet dream. Take your heart and make it sing. Love is a wonderful thing…”

There are all kinds of things we call love in this world, but I’m talking about the real deal. The one thing that really matters is love, real love, love that flows from our Creator, to us and through us to one another. Once you have ever experienced it, then you know what real is, because God is love and love is the will of God, because it is who and what He is.

In the spiritual dimension of my living, love is the thing that makes everything else make sense. It’s the thing that helps everything else fall into place and fit together. In the physical realm of life, I often miss out on love, because my physical senses tend to cloud my view by being more focused on ego – who I am, what I do or what I think others think of me. This causes me to get lost in the mental part of life by getting me confused and dazed by the constant barrage of thoughts that crowd and fight for space in my head.

This is why it is necessary for us to slow down, still ourselves and find some solitude, so we can get back to the beat of our heart and hear what really matters. The truth is: God is love and God, who is love created you in love for love. LOVE is what it’s all about! Receive it, Return it and Share it with everyone in everyway you can and your life will take on new meaning and purpose, Which will fuel your spirit to feed your mind with the right thoughts, which will energize your body to all it was created for…

Love is real, recognize it for all that it is and all it has the power to accomplish in your life and living. Commit to opening your spirit, mind and body to receive it and share it, so that it creates a powerful flow for the stuff of God to move to and through your life in miraculous ways.

You are a channel for the supernatural! No matter what you ever find yourself going through, God’s love is powerful enough to see you through. With God’s love you are a miracle worker and can face and overcome any situation that life throws your way. You see, love is a wonderful thing!

Why Go To Church?

I talk to people almost everyday that have given up on their struggle to find a church they are comfortable in and I have to admit that even while I’m not out there trying to find that special place, because we’ve been blessed with a very special fellowship at Grace Place, but I certainly understand the struggle. I once heard that if you find the perfect church, don’t go, because you will mess it up.

There are some great benefits in going to church, even if it’s not perfect. Below are a seven reasons why I think everyone should make and take the time to participate in church every chance you get.

1. You Have A Chance To Meet God!

2. You Might Bless Someone Or Someone Might Bless You!

3. You May Hear Something That Takes You To A Whole New Level!

4. If You Do Nothing Else, It’s A Great Time And Place To Practice Gratitude!

5. Interactions With Others Open Up All Kinds Of Possibilities!

6. It’s Possible You Might Get Inspired To Discover, Grow And Use Your Spiritual Gift.

7. It’s A Small Investment With Big Return!


I have a friend who will sometimes think that I am crazy for not just giving up.  He has this unspoken idea that the grass is greener on the other side.  He looks at me, like I am crazy when I tell Him that I am where God wants me to be and I am doing what God wants me to do.  This week, for some reason, I have been thinking a lot about this!  I have come to this conclusion:  God in His GRACE has placed HOPE in my heart and this keeps me going, even when the going gets tough.  Below I have listed seven activities of hope that I have found challenge me to do and be better!  I hope they will challenge you!

1.) Hope looks for the good in others instead of critiquing the bad! I don’t want to critique the bad, but I sometimes get caught up in this game that most of the world plays.  We have all been created by God and that means that there is good in every human being.  I want to find that good and grow it for God’s glory!

2.) Hope opens doors that others close! A closed-door is not always God saying no.  Sometimes a closed-door is God’s way of saying” “You’ve got work to do!”  May I always be willing to do whatever needs to be done so that the doors that God has put in front of me might be opened for His glory and all of our blessing!

3.) Hope see problems as opportunities! Many times when a problem comes our way, we get frustrated and want to give up.  Live on this earth long enough and you will have problems, I want to use my problems as learning opportunities that will help me to not keep making the same mistakes over and over again!

4.) Hope uses the light to illuminate the darkness! Knowing that God has a future for me lights the way, so that I can follow the path into His perfect will.  Hope allows me to chase away the darkness with what God says can be!

5.) Hope focuses the possibilities instead of dwelling on the impossibilities! I make the choice to focus my energy and efforts in the direction of what can be done, rather than what can’t be done!  This is a daily battle, but one that is well worth the fight!

6.) Hope lives in reality and refuses to die even when attacked by cynicism! I do not live in some fantasy world.  I live in the world created for me by my Creator!  I know that my hope of something better will be continually attacked, but I refuse to give up or give in, because I know who I am and Whose I am!

7.) Hope draws its power from trust in God and the goodness that He has put into man! I grow my hope when I spend time getting to know and grow my trust in God by spending time with Him.  I grow my hope when I risk experiencing bad by investing time with others that are just like me.  We can grow one another as we acknowledge our bad, believe that we were created for better and commit our lives to being helped while helping!

I hope these seven give you a greater hope today.  God has you where you are, it is no accident and God will use where you are in an incredible way to grow you for His glory, if you will allow Him!  Enjoy the journey, appreciate the grace and thrive in the hope!