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What Happens When we Surrender?

God knows you because He created you. He knows what’s going on in your life and has a better grasp of your thoughts than you do. God knows what you have messed up, that needs to be straightened. God knows what you have broken that needs to be put back together. God knows what you think is impossible and He has declared that nothing shall be impossible and that with Him. all things are possible.

God knows what you worry about in the late dark hours of the night, the things that keep you from getting the sound sleep you are so desperate for. God knows the reoccurring pain which flows from a broken heart that never seems to heal. God knows that you think your life is a total loss and He also knows better than you, that it is not.

God, who created you is the master healer, the divine author and the chief instructor to help you heal your heart hurts, discover the miracles that put the broken pieces back together and teaches you about the power inside you that will help you to overcome anything outside you that might try to take you down.

The secret to unlocking the miraculous healing that puts it all back together is SURRENDER. The first step of surrender is admitting and accepting that we are messed up. We tend to get distracted by how we got messed up, but it really does not matter how it happened, because once it has happened, the mess has to be dealt with. Once it happens to you, it belongs to you so the question is: What are you going to do with it?

God cannot do and will not do what we can do for ourselves. We can talk to others about our problems. We can blame whoever we want to for the bad stuff that has happened to us, but until we name it and claim it, then we cannot surrender and let it go. And if we want or expect God to do something about it, then we must do our part. Transformation takes place when we do our part, so God’s part can be unleashed and set free to do the miraculous in our lives and living.

Forgiveness Is Freedom!

I woke up and fond myself in a prison of my own making. It’s bars were comprised of the memories which I had woven together with my unwillingness to let go and forgive those who had wronged me. I eventually discovered that I was my own judge and jury and that to be free, all I had to do was forgive, let go and the bars that held me in and kept me from moving forward would melt away and offer me sweet freedom to live, really live the life I was created for.

Forgiveness is not for the other person, it is for you and me. When we forgive, it offers us the opportunity to obtain our very own peace of mind. When I seek to get even with someone else and attack them because I feel they have done me wrong I am really attacking myself, for in the spirit, we are all connected. Getting them back does not fix my thoughts and so I’m still stuck with a very serious problem.

This is why our thoughts are so powerful, because what I am thinking about you is really an expression of what I am thinking about myself, because through our Creator we are all connected and the same. God is love and we were created by love, in love and for love. Love unites us, joins us together and makes us one.

This love has the power to set us free to live an amazing and blessed life or we can abuse it and totally miss what we were created for. Real love does not just love self, it also loves others. And real love leads and empowers us toward forgiveness, for forgiveness is freedom. I don’t have to live a life addicted to pain, love sets me free, if I will just claim and enjoy my freedom.

One of the greatest powers we have been granted is the power of choice. We choose to give power to what someone did to us and empower their wrong, so that “the wrong” is calling the shots in our life and living or we choose love which leads to forgiveness and live in the power of our created purpose and enjoy the freedom that allows blessings to continue to flow into and through our life.

It really is all a matter of where you decide to invest your faith. What do you really believe in? Do you believe in the love you were created for, by and in? If you really believe, then you have all the power you need to overlook and overcome any sin committed against you. Face your feelings, feel them, work through them and then choose love which leads to forgiveness, which always ultimately sets you free to live the miracle.

Love is the way, forgiveness is the challenge and freedom is the reward…

5 Excuses To Ignore!

I was thinking this morning of all the different excuses that people use to try to stop themselves or others from accomplishing something that really matters in life.  As you journey through life listen carefully and make sure that you ignore these excuses!  (By The Way – This is a lot easier said than done!)

1.)  “It Will Never Work!” We can’t discover what will work, without learning some of what won’t work!  Failure is just one more way that won’t work, which puts you one step closer to what will work!  Take a chance if it’s worth the risk!

2.)  “We’ve Never Done It That Way Before!” And at some point in time, the way you are doing it now wasn’t being done, but someone said:  Let’s try it this way and “presto!” almost like magic a new way of doing it emerged!  There is always room for improvement and growth!

3.)  “We Can’t Afford It!” And with that attitude, we probably never will be able to afford it.  If you can’t afford it, but it is necessary, then find a way to make it affordable!  Wherever God gives a vision, He also provides a path!

4.)  “It’s Not My Responsibility!” How many blessings in life would have been missed if everyone lived with this attitude?  It may not be your responsibility, but if it needs to be done, then do it and know that it is going to make a difference in someone’s life!  If somebody is willing to do what nobody wants to do, then everybody is going to benefit!

5.)  “We’re Just Not Ready!” If you wait until you are ready, the opportunity may just pass you by!  Jump in and get the job done – you will be glad you did when you see the difference that it makes in your life and in the lives of others!  If God allows your life to intersect with opportunity then consider it a personal invitation!

Blessings & G3!