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Created For More!

We live in an amazing world, a world which is filled with happy accidents and divine happenings, intermingling to create one of a kind experiences that are almost impossible to be explained with words alone. Holding this all together is the cosmic thought that encourages each one of us in the direction of perfection. I’m not talking about the manmade, limited kind, but the God ordained supernatural stuff that can’t be explained, only experienced.

Sometimes I miss it, because my life, even though I try for it not be, becomes driven by my ego, that pesky whispering in my ear that I am what I have, what I do or what I think people think of me. I know somewhere deep in my heart that I am so much more, yet still, I engage in that never-ending battle and tend to get stuck somewhere between love and fear. I miss the magical because my self-sabotage would rather see me imprisoned and suffering in the hell I’ve created by being distracted by my own self-loathing blame which causes me to lash out to attack others and myself in a mental game of hide-and-seek.

I know I was created for more. My Spirit inside of me inspires me to look for, see and embrace the joy for which I was created, so that I might experience love and all the miracles it manifest. Everywhere I go, I see the handwriting of God, reminding me that I am not a human being, I am a spiritual being and this human experience is a gift for me, offering me the opportunity to co-create the perfection that is God in all of my everyday experiences.

This is the perfection we were created for. This is where we find our true selves. This is where we experience the fulfillment that leads to peace, which allows us to enjoy the happiness we were created for.

What You Were Created For!

In some ways I am very focused and in other ways it is just so easy for me to lose my way. I used to get really frustrated with myself, but then I realized this is part of the experience of living and growing in this human experience.

The purpose of life is to be happy, to enjoy your journey, to grow into who you were created to be and have fun doing it. Our problem is that we live our lives always trying to get to some place better, rather than taking the time to enjoy where we are.

The world we live in has convinced us through our ego that we are what we have, what we do or what people think of us. The truth is, we are so much more that that and life is more about the journey and less about the destination.

To really live and enjoy life right where we are we need to take care of, focus on and grow in three areas of our life: Physical, Metal and Spiritual. “You have to fix your Spirit if you want to change your mind. And you have to change your mind if you want to heal your body. And you have to heal your body if you want to really live.” Someone said: “This life is God’s gift to you and what you do with it is your gift to God!”

This life, this human experience is an amazing gift and we need to focus on developing and growing in the three areas of body, mind and Spirit. What do you need to fix in the spiritual area of your life? What are some steps you can take today to head in the blessed direction? Don’t just think about it, take the steps follow through and you will discover that spiritual strength give you the ability to take the next step.

If we are honest with ourselves, one of our biggest problems is our thinking, which if we are not very careful, can turn into “stinking thinking“. One of my favorite teachers Wayne Dyer used to say: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” We have allowed our minds to be shaped by the world, rather than encouraging our minds to shape our world. You have the power to change your mind, but you’ve got to use it. Take some steps today to change your thinking into positive over negative and you will be amazed at how it brings healing into your body.

Have you noticed how tired everyone seems to be? Regardless of age, almost everyone seems to be dragging around from one tired activity to another, just looking forward to an opportunity to rest. Our human body is an amazing and complex machine, but it has to be taken care of, and it has to be provided time, space and solitude for healing. What are some ways you can allow your body to rest and heal during the day? Maybe 5 minutes of solitude sitting outside in silence, so you can hear and reconnect with the soul of nature. Perhaps a walk in the park, allowing your muscles a stretch, your blood to flow and your lungs to expand? The important thing is you do something to allow your body opportunity to heal, which it what it was designed to do.

Fix your spirit, change your mind, heal your body and you will really live, because this is what you were created for…

Stoking The Creative Fires!

I have been participating once a week in a creative meeting!  I am really enjoying the sessions and here are a few things that I would like to pass on to encourage creativity in all of our lives!

1.) Write your ideas down! It does not matter how simple, silly or small the ideas may seem – write them down!  You may have just a seed, but seeds that are planted and nurtured – grow into big trees!  Keep a little notebook, moleskin, digital file or small recorder to record your ideas.  Don’t think that you will remember them – you won’t!  Record it and you will free your mind up for even more creative ideas!

2.) Brainstorm! Think out loud with other people and listen to their thinking out loud.  It is amazing the ideas that this will generate.  How many times have you found yourself in a conversation with someone and something they said sent your mind to thinking in a totally different direction than what they were talking about?  Find someone, if possible several “someones” and allow your brains to storm!

3.) People Watch! Observe what is going on around you.  We miss so much, because we are often so busy that we just live life in a blur!  Slow down, smell the roses and enjoy the ride by really seeing everybody and everything that God has put around you!

4.) Relocate! If you work at a desk all of the time, then move to a couch.  If you are inside all of the time, then get outside.  You get the picture – put yourself in a place to see things from a different perspective and you will be amazed at the creativity that will flow to and through your life!

5.) Get Spiritual! You were created by a very creative God.  If you don’t believe that, just look around you at all of the variety!  You were created in the image of your creative God, so you are creative too!  Talk to God and listen to God through prayer and take some time to read and look for understanding and challenge from His Word!

These are just a few of the ideas that we have been utilizing to stoke our creative fires!  It’s fun and it’s exciting and you really will be glad you did!