Seven Steps To Experience Divine Repair!

Here are the seven steps that we each need to take, so that the Spirit can begin the process of “Divine Repair” upon our lives…

1.) Face Your Problem!  We all have problems,  Figure out what your problem is and then face it.  This is the first and most important step.  Stop pretending that you don’t have any problems.  Once you face your problems, you will begin to see what you need to do about it, now do it!

2.) Accept Responsibility!  While there may be others that contributed to the problems that you are facing, it is still your problem and you must bear the responsibility.  This is not necessarily easy, but it is right.  If things are going to be better, then it is because you have decided they are going to be better.

3.)  Ask Yourself If You Really Want Healing?  They say “misery loves company” and I guess that this is true for a great many people.  But why be miserable, when you can be happy, strong and fulfilled?  You have to decide if you really want to be happy and if you do, then you have to go all in and go for it!

4.) Forgive Yourself!  Stop beating yourself up with the same club over and over again. We all make mistakes and we all screw up at this thing called life.  If we learn from our screw ups, then they are not screw ups, they are education.  So you messed up, learn from it, let it go and move on.

5.) Forgive Others!  You can live in the prison of unforgiveness or you can live in the freedom of holding no grudges, it is up to you.  Just know this:  If you stay imprisoned, it is because you have made the choice to not claim your freedom by withholding forgiveness that sets everyone free.

6.) Ask For The Spirit’s Help!  You are not supposed to do this alone, because you can’t do this alone, so ask the Spirit to help you.  The Spirit will speak to you, guide you and grow you to a place that you cannot take yourself.  You need the Spirits help!

7.) Don’t Give Up!  If it was easy, then everyone would do it.  It’s not easy, but it is possible and with the possibility comes a new and better life.  Step out in faith and claim your better and blessed life today, you will be glad you did!

Sunday Rewind!

I get to say this all most every week, but I don’t ever get tired of it.  It has been a great weekend of ministry!  Here are just a few of the highlights:

*Friday Night Grace Place Dinner & Shopping was a very fun time of ministry.  All of our Graceteers worked very hard to help everyone to feel welcome and special.  And there were some magical experiences of grace that continue to touch my heart.

*Sunday Mornings are a very special time for the Grace Place Family.  We usually begin with Breakfast & Bible Study.  This mornings Bible Study was encouraging and challenging, as we took some time to learn from the “Temptations Of Jesus In The Wilderness.”  We all face them and the way to victory over them is through God’s Word!

Worship & Encouragement continues to amaze me, as we seem to grow a little bit each week. I love seeing the faithful each week and am extra blessed to see all of the new faces that keep showing up each week.  I am just amazed to see the folks keep coming in for sweet fellowship and meaningful worship.

God is moving in incredible ways and we are so thankful that He has seen fit to allow us to be apart of reaching out into our community to touch lives and impact eternity.  Thanks so much for your prayers, support and encouragement!