The Flow Of Life!

Let It Flow!

Life as created by God is everlasting.  It is more than just a moment in time, it is more than time.  It is more than the acquiring of stuff and the achieving of goals.  It is infinite, limitless, intertwined and allows us to exist for much more than simply self.

When we begin to see life as it really is, then this changes our lives and their living.  This is why we must take on the ego.  The ego must go, because it gets in the way, corrupts and blocks the flow of life and living.

Real life and living is a paradox!  We give and receive, not receive and give.  We put ourselves last and become first, not first to begin with.  We meet the needs of others and our needs are met.

Ego is never satisfied and always hungers for something more than it already has.  It requires its slaves to seek more of everything, anything, just more.  Learning to live from the center of our created purpose, removes us from chaos and takes us to a higher place of living, where we discover fulfillment and live in peace.

Take some time to practice the discipline of generous thinking toward others, with whatever it is that you have to be generous with.  Practice by serving others above and beyond yourself.  Your service does not have to be big, just simple, random acts of kindness that allow you to move out of the ego of self-satisfaction and into the wide open universe of service.

You can strive or arrive, the choice is yours.  Activate the loving energy that created you by reaching out with your positive thoughts and encouraging behaviors.  Focus on the moments and the opportunity they offer you to do something for someone else.  This connects you to life and allows you to experience satisfaction that lives above and beyond the circumstances.

Open the eyes of your heart.  Be still and see how life comes to you.  You will soon learn that you are life.  Breath!  The air is a gift of life.  Drink!  This water is a gift of life.  Eat!  This food is a gift of life.  Feel!  The warmth from the sun or the coolness of the breeze is a gift of life provided by the Creator for His creation.

Stay appreciative and learn to enjoy the moment, because the moment is life.  Stop the chase and quit wearing yourself out, because life is more that what we make it.  Take the time to witness and enjoy all that comes, goes and flows to, through and around you.  When we learn to live with open hands, our Creator is able to put good things in them for us to use for His glory and other’s blessing!

Created To Create!

Creation Creating!

You are a Divine creation, born of Spirit, before you are born of flesh.  You were created to create.  Your calling is inside of you, it makes you alive, excited and causes you to experience fulfillment and purpose.

You are unique and have been blessed with a unique gift to apply to the human life that you are getting to experience right here and now.  In order to live in the power of creation that creates, it is important that we learn to trust our inner calling, while growing our ability to ignore criticism.

We each have natural talents that have become blocked by the judgments of others.  We need to learn and accept that true perfection is not about being perfect, but it is about being you, yourself, just as you were created to be.  When we get this, we will shake of the enslaving chains of fear and doubt.  We will learn to harmonize with creation and the power that flows to and through it.

Little babies do not have to do anything, but be little babies.  Life simply and beautifully unfolds without any interference or assistance from the baby.  Be who you were created to be, a co-creator with God of miraculous movements that allow the life of life to flow and grow.  Create as creation creates in you and don’t simply exist, but thrive in the alive place of genesis.

Sunday Rewind!

Here are just a few highlights and insights from my Sunday.  Hope you enjoy the pictures and are inspired by the words!

Grace Place Greer Hawgs BBQ Crew

Today has been a great day, but still one of those days where my flesh and spirit are locked in a continual battle.  There was so much that was right about today and yet I found myself engaged in spiritual warfare all throughout the day.  I don’t guess this is a bad thing, because it just reminds me of how dependent I am of the power that is outside of me.  In other words, even when it’s all good, I still need my Creator!

The morning started off good with a great time of meditation and devotion.  At some point in a future blog I am going to talk about some of the meditation I have been doing to clear my mind and prepare my spirit for a great time of learning through my devotional reading and praying.

Bible Study was different.  I shared a passage out of Colossians and then we all went outside to take some time to walk the campus and just listen for the Spirit.  I then lifted my Bible up in the air and held it there.  Everyone took that as a sign to come and gather round.  We shared some of the insight that the Spirit had provided for some of us and then circled up in a big circle and spent some time in prayer asking for God’s guidance and blessing.

Evening Fellowship – Need A Chair?

Worship was really sweet and it continues to amaze me at how folks just keep showing up Sunday after Sunday and they keep coming in, until the place is full.  I taught from Matthew 4:12-17 about how the steps we need to take are simple, but different!

In verses 12-15 we learn that the Spirit already has the trip marked out for us.  This reminds us that there is a plan, even though we tend to forget that sometimes.  We don’t have to know all of the plan, we just need to be willing to take the next step.  This kind of living is different from anything our limited human minds can imagine and this is why we need to yield to the Spirit.

The second point came out of verse 16 and it was simply a reminder that this really is about dark and light.  Sitting and not being involved in active ministry is an indication that we have gotten used to and comfortable with the darkness.  Our job is to be illuminated with Jesus and for us to illuminate where we live.  The light of Jesus rises in us to reveal sin, redeem the sinner and restore us to a right place with our Creator.

First Grace Place Hispanic Worship Service

There is a different life to live and this is what we learned from verse 17.  There comes a time in life when you draw a line, not to step over, but to walk around.  Now is the time to repent and change direction, because the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

This afternoon was great.  I had a great time cooking BBQ with some of our men and was excited to see our first hispanic service take off and fly with Pastor Greg and our new spanish speaking friends.

Our youth and children’s groups have taken off.  What a blessing to my heart to walk in this past Thursday when the kids were out of school and see the worship center full of teenagers working together and having a great time.  What music to my ears to walk across the campus and hear children laughing and having a good time.

Our New To Us Bus!

We were very blessed on Saturday to get to go and pick up a 25 passenger bus that will be used to help with some of the challenges we face in the area of transportation for these groups.  God continues to do amazing things that confirm His presence and power at Grace Place.

I just want to finish by thanking God for an answer to prayer.  About a year and a half ago, a group of us were sitting at Grace Place talking about what in the world we were doing there.  There was just a handful of us, but we were faithful to show up each week and worship God there together.  Someone in the group made the comment that it was possible for God to fill the place up during the next year or two and that it was our job to remain faithful and this is exactly what I saw God doing tonight, as we had to pull out chairs for folks.

In closing, I would just like to say thank you to all of those that have contributed in some way during the past several years.  We were not always sure about what God was up to, but we were always sure that God was up to something.  Because of the faithfulness of so many then and now, we see God at work every day in incredible and miraculous ways.