I’m Sorry!


I’m Sorry! I am not telling you that I’m sorry.  I am telling you that I’m sorry!  In others words I am not apologizing to you for something.  I am just telling you that when I look at God and then look at myself – I am sorry!  I am nothing without Him and I cannot do anything that amounts to anything without Him.  I need His forgiveness, grace, mercy, restoration and redemption.

We now have the first two “Beatitudes” in our arsenal! We learned last week that we are to be “poor in spirit”, which means that we are to live in and with the humble realization of our sinfulness and our inability to do anything about our sinfulness in and of ourselves.  When I live with this attitude, I can’t help but to look up to God.  God is my strength and source and I am nothing without Him!  I like to think of this character trait as HUMILITY!

This week we are working to incorporate the second attitude, which  is “Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted!” What does it mean to mourn?  The word mourn used in this passage is the strongest of nine Greek words that are used in our New Testament.  The word used here for mourning implies a deep inner agony.  It also is a present participle and so it indicates that this is a continuous action.  When we get humble and begin to truly see ourselves as we are, then we can’t help, but to look up to God.  When we see God in His holiness and perfection, then we can’t help but to see that we are sinners in need of a Savior.  This is a moment by moment, day by day occurence.  I like to think of this character trait as sorrow.  When I see God in His holiness and me in my sinfulness, then I can’t help but to be sorry and seek forgiveness and restoration.

A few reminders for the week! Read Matthew 5:1-12 everyday and try to memorize it!  Try to live these verses – let them challenge and change the way that you live your life.  Try to get each new attitude as soon as you begin to understand it – don’t wait!  God has some great things that He wants to accomplish in and through you – enjoy the journey!

4 thoughts on “I’m Sorry!”

  1. Yeah in Our Men’s Life Class Last Night I felt smaller than an ant….But I will Build Myself to be a Better Man in My Manhood,And God will say..”Son,Well Done”..Wow what a Thought and Feeling…

  2. Yesterday you reminded me that I do sin everyday. Anger, impatience, sharp tongue, I could go on forever. I am sorry for asking forgiveness and still continuing to do the same things. I want our children to learn from us, so far, not holding up on my end. I can only do this with God. I am going to pray for forgiveness because I am truly sorry for all that I do and will do, but with Gods help, I won’t continue to do the samethings!!! Thank you God for talking though Michael Joe and making him your seed planter!!!!

  3. It was such a busy day. I look back on it and mourn.
    So much I could have done better.
    My fast pace, hurry up and get to what needs me next.
    Sometimes I forget to be calm, soft and gentle.
    I get too busy taking care of my family that I forget or sometimes even mistreat my family!
    I mourn who I was today and pray that I remember who God wants me to when he gives me another chance at it tomorrow.

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