It’s About You – Kinda!

What's For Lunch?
What's For Lunch?

Life is about you, but it’s not just about you! Stop for just a minute and let that thought sink in.  “Life is about you, but it’s not just about you!” Life is also about others.  The fact is – you cannot get all that God desires for you to get out of this life without others and others will not get all that God desires for them to get out of this life without you.  God created us to do life together and when we do it together and do it right, we get what He intended – growth, blessing, fulfillment and peace!

We need to become “others-minded”! We spend so much of our time thinking about ourselves, about what we want, need and deserve.  We spend very little time thinking about others and what they want, need and deserve.  Start thinking of others right now and ask yourself “What do they want, need and deserve?”

What does your spouse want, need and deserve? What do your children want, need and deserve?  What do your parents want, need and deserve?  What do your friends want, need and deserve?  Extended Family?  Neighbors?  Co-workers?  Enemies?  Strangers?  You get the idea!  Start asking and answering the question:  “What do they want, need and deserve?”

Jesus shared eight attitudes in the beginning of his “Sermon On The Mount” message. As we work our way through these attitudes found in Matthew 5:1-12, we will discover that they encourage us to be “others-minded.”  One other person that we need to consider is Jesus – what does he want, need and deserve?  Looks like we’ve got some work to do!

3 thoughts on “It’s About You – Kinda!”

  1. Thanks for the encouragement MJ. As I continue to get closer to God, I relaize more everyday how much more He wants to bless me and those that I love. And not just bless, but Bless in Amazing Ways!
    I must pray for His will to be revealed to me and then become obedient to His will in my life and that of others. In order to allow His blessings to flow, I cannot be selfish and pray for my will. I know God will not fight my will, but is is best if I surrender to His will totally.I must place all my cares and concerns at His feet and trust that His power and grace is sufficient to accomplish the desires of my heart (after all, he places those desires there). Then I must look at those He has surrounded me with and see if there are burderns that I can help shoulder. Whether it’s a financial, emotional or physical need, I seek God’s direction and ask that He show me what He would have me to do to bring comfort and support to those in need. As you stated last Wednesday, above all else God will be Glorified. I have found that the greatest blessings are usually in the service to those we love.

  2. I agree completely with you. We need others. It isn’t all about ourselves. I have been in that pity party and it gets you no where. God does not want us to be alone in this life. I don’t want to be alone. It’s no fun. I am blessed with my husband, and family and friends. Thank you Jesus…

  3. M.J. ,You better get to feeling better or i may have to come see about you.!!
    Good words of encouragement in your blog.As usual i love the pictures.

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