Do you ever get frustrated? I get frustrated when things or people do not work the way that I think that they should.  I tend to be a person that takes on life by praying, seeking God and then moving forward according to what I believe is His leading.  Moving forward in that way causes me to have a certain expectation about how things should turn out.  When things fail to turn out as I think they should – it is very frustrating!

I will sometimes get stuck in my frustration for a short period of time. I don’t like getting stuck in frustration and so I usually at some point will start to “process” what do I need to do to make things work the way I think they should?  This usually will help reveal to me:  Is the issue me, someone else or something else?  Sometimes when I think it is others and begin to process, I discover that it is me.  Sometimes when I think it is me and begin the process, I discover that it is others. This is the first step in determining where we need to go next to move out of our frustration and into right direction.

Frustration does not have to be a bad thing. Frustration is a reality in life.  Live long enough, really care and you will experience frustration.  You get to make the choice about what you will do with frustration and what you will allow frustration to do with you.  We can grow from it or die a slow death from it!  I hope to talk a little more about this tomorrow and help us to make the choice to grow from it!

2 thoughts on “Frustrated?”

  1. frustration can be my middle name from time to time! I have been dealing with some stuff recently and have been praying alot. I wish people would keep their mouths shut. Gossip is the devils work and it’s frustrating when I am not able to approach the situation and take care of it, so I turn to God.. Don’t want to take it on everyday because it is exhausting!!!!!!!!!! God give me the strength and power to hear you and forget about the frustration!

  2. I do sometimes get frustrated with knowing what I’m doing or not doing that slows God’s will in my life. I see the obvious things and work on those everyday, sometimes I even see some small little nothing dents I messed up on and fix those. I read God’s word as much as I can, although I believe it can never be enough. I pray sometimes so much I feel like God’s going ‘I got it the first 1000 times, let me do my thing I got it’. I know that’s not what He’s saying He’s never said that because I prayed once for a person and it took almost 8 years for God to answer, but He did and it was great. I think it’s the human side of me coming out when I get frustrated with myself and then I start feeling all guilty about it and then I start doubting myself even more and so on and so on. It sometimes can feel like this perpetual motion kind of thing. So I pray more, and read more knowing that one day it will all click and make sense according to His time line and His needs. This life have isn’t my anymore, it belong to Jesus. Thank you Jesus, thank you.

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