Putting Feet To Your Faith!

This week the Lord has been speaking to me a lot about faith! I don’t have the time to get into all of the things that He is showing me or teaching me, but there is one thought that I want to share for whoever or whatever.

Faith is about trusting God. Faith is about wanting more than anything – the thing that God wants for and from you.  Faith is trusting in God’s will and wisdom above and beyond your own!  We mess up faith when we start putting our stuff into it, so be careful!

Many times this week, I have read how God performed extraordinary miracles in ordinary people’s lives. He healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, raised the dead and even allowed a hard headed disciple to walk on water.  In each situation the miracle of God was performed in response to His people’s faith.  When God’s people have faith – God’s power moves in and through their lives.

We must wait on God, but when He speaks, we must be ready to move and we must move. Our moving in response to His speaking is a key that unlocks the miraculous! So there are two things that are important here:  1.)  Make sure that you are listening for and to God.  Don’t do anything until you are sure that you have heard His voice and received His direction.  Once you have heard His voice and received His direction:  2.)  Move!  Start stepping in whatever direction He is leading!  Our movement puts feet to our faith and gets the whole process headed in the right direction!

5 thoughts on “Putting Feet To Your Faith!”

  1. Thanks for that! Needed that reminder…we are just not seeing it all come together this semester. This was really encouraging!!!!

  2. Thanks for this!! It was a good and timely reminder! We are just not seeing it all come together this semester financially and this helped me refocus on why we are here to begin with. Thanks

  3. Thanks for the reminder MJ. What God is telling me is to be patient and wait on Him. But while I’m waiting, I need to be busy doing the things He has for me to do. Then, when He instructs me to act, I can because I have my act together. The results will be great blessings for all.
    Hope the family is enjoying the time together.

  4. There are so many times I recall moving on what I thought God was guiding me to do. Needless to say when I was wrong it didn’t go so well. I know I’m a little “gun shy” about messing up His plans. It’s not so much I‘m afraid of how God will punish me for jumping too soon on something He’s in control of. I’ve thought what could be the worst thing I wouldn’t want to go through. One might think it would be something like having the live with a child passing or something like that. While that kind of thing would crush into nothingness, that’s not it. The most devastating thing that could happen to me in my life and/or in my eternal life has got to be hands down; Jesus to look at me and not be able to say “Good job my true and faithful servant”. To have Christ say “you weren’t thinking of me, you didn’t do this for me, go away from me because I don’t know you”. I know there can’t be anything more completely devastating than having to be separated from the Holy Trinity for eternity. I’ve been saved since I was ten years old and I know without a doubt Christ lives in me. That is why I really, really make sure I’ve been still enough, long enough to make triple sure I know that I know that I know. If I surround myself with God’s love, God fearing people along with a Pastor who absolutely has all of our best interest at heart, I can truly do all things through Christ that strengthens me. I have no problem in saying “watch out devil because the almighty power of God is coming to a temptation near you!” I pray that God help us all to find and do his will while staying out of his way. I figure He’s a pretty big fella and I think He’s got. Being right in the middle of God’s will is the best feeling I’ve ever had, I just want to keep moving as His will moves and that’s where I tend to misstep. M.J. keep on keeping on, because right now, right here in my life, I know I need a brother (you) praying over my shoulder. You’re doing right by me and a whole host of others you don’t even know about and I can’t imagine where I would be if you hadn’t been there for me. God is shining His light on you so brightly I can’t help but get some of the splash-over.


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