Beginning And End!

Just sitting here listening to the crickets and thinking about what a crazy busy day that this has been. I started out early at the hospital visiting a lady with heart problems.  She is okay and is going to have her problems treated with medicine.  I then spent some time talking/counseling several different people, all with a different set of problems or what I like to call challenges.  I sometimes wonder if any of the talking does any good?  I know and trust in my heart that it does and so I will stay with it!  From there I moved into taking care of office stuff – some study, writing and a little administration.  It really is amazing all that has to get done every week – just to make the usual stuff happen.

Most of my days are like this – busy moving from one thing to the next with very little time in between the events to stop and really process all that is going on. This is one of the reasons that my time with God in the early morning is so important!  And this is also one of the reasons why now a days I find myself trying to have an evening time with God before I head to bed!

I know that most of you that read this post are very busy with your own lives and challenges. And I just wanted to take a moment to remind you and encourage you to have a morning and evening time with God!  This time, more than anything else that I can think of, helps to make sure that your life stays in alignment with God and His will for your life!

If you are interested, then maybe in the days ahead, I will share a little information about how I spend my time with God during these times. Until then – if you have not already done so, carve some time out of your schedule to invest some time with God at the beginning and end of your day – you will be very glad that you did!

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  1. It is amazing how much better life can be when you do spend time with God. He can show you so much. I find myself being able to relate the scripture so much better sometimes. Thanks, MJ, for your words of wisdom. You are one busy man. Thank you for everything you do. I love and appreciate you so much. Hope you are having fun!!!

    1. Thank and thank you for all that you do! I am so proud and appreciative for the ministry that you are Jim are doing with our seniors!

  2. Yo M.J. It’s been a while since I felt what I have the past 10 or 12 days. Some days I feel I get all right, just to have Satan put junk and stuff in front of me so I’ll mess up and take my eyes off Jesus. God knows I don’t need Satan’s help for that, I’m very good at messing things up all by my self. I’m renewed in the knowledge that I’m getting right when Satan confirms it by try to crush the gains I make. I guess I’ll never understand how to keep him away from the pure things God puts in my life. The gains are so easy to let go of when I let life’s day to day or moment to moment “things” take my focus off the will of God. I find myself praying while I’m driving down the road or thinking of the many different topics you preach about and it helps me hold on a little tighter to my gains. I think of how much you do every day and yet you still haven’t given up on me and others. I’m heading in the direction of God’s will as hard as I can and having your support in prayer is huge for me. It seems the closer I get to God the more Satan piles it on. I guess some things will never change until Christ calls us home. I’m not sure where my family and I would be right now without you and our church family, I’m positive it wouldn’t be good. Sometimes in the fast, busy pace of day to day stuff I forget to just be still, listen and let God love me. I’ve done nothing that gives me the right to expect God wants to talk to me or love me, but He just does. A very large part of me hearing God is from the example you set for all of us everyday. Thank you for being you. It may not always look like it, but we love you and we’ve got your back, stay strong.


    1. Thanks for your very kind and gracious words – they mean more than you can know! You have had a rough and rewarding year. It is amazing how God uses the hard stuff that you think is going to kill you – to actually grow and develop you into something special. God is still working on us and I am glad, because that means that He has not given up on us! Hang in there and keep the faith!
      God Bless & Press On!

  3. My time with God is the most important part of each day. Although the time I spend with God varies from day to day, the result is the same. A day that includes time with God is a good day. A day that does not include time with God is not much of a day at all……

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