Holy Spirit Power!

Reading And Relaxing!

This coming Sunday we will be taking a look at how the Holy Spirit empowers us to be witnesses for Christ! The Holy Spirit of God provides Believers with power, purpose and passion!  We need to get out of ourselves and full of Him!

Power Up! God’s Spirit gives us the power to be a great witness for Him.  If the Gospel has changed your life, then you can’t keep it a secret!  Ordinary people can do extraordinary things when God is on and in them!  Open up your heart and life for God to flow to and through you!

Pursue Purpose! Take a little time to read through your Bible and you will discover that the Holy Spirit is given to us on purpose for a purpose!  We have the Holy Spirit so that we might accomplish the purpose of sharing Jesus and the difference that a relationship with Him can bring!  We have the Spirit, so that we can open our mouths and actually have something meaningful to say that makes a difference in people’s lives and eternities!

Passion Pump Up! The Holy Spirit being present and active in your life is more important than you realize!  Don’t doubt the Holy Spirit and don’t doubt what you are capable of when empowered by the Holy Spirit!  Living for and serving God is not easy, cheap or always comfortable, but it is fulfilling.  In fact it is the most fulfilling thing that you will ever do, because it is the thing that you were created to do!

Remember:  You are special to God, regardless of what anyone else thinks or has to say! God has a plan to use you and the special gifts that He has given you for His glory and the blessing of all around!  You can’t fulfill yourself, but you can be fulfilled – if you will open up your life to His plans and purposes!

Live in His power, pursue His purposes and enjoy living in the passion of it all!

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  1. My prayer is that we will allow the Holy Spirt to light His fire within us……revive our souls…..equip us with wisdom and courage……and empower us to do His work while there is still time….

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