How’s The Attitude?

My Girls!
My Girls!

“Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 2:5

I think that most of the world’s problems would be solved, if we would seek to make sure that we were living with the right attitude. It is so easy to get my attitude bent out of shape and so hard to get my attitude back to where it needs to be.

I know that most of my problems are solved by adjusting and getting my attitude right! My attitude seems to be one of those things that I get right, only to discover that about as soon as I get it right that it is heading off course again!  I can honestly say that I never get to the place where I can say that I have arrived and am perfect!

I want to invite you to join me in working to have the attitude of Christ Jesus! Just think of the difference it can and will make in your day and life and also in the lives of those all around you!