A Magic Pill!

DSC_0034If you are over weight, you can still eat whatever you want, stay planted in that recliner and do absolutely nothing and still lose weight! How?  Just take this tiny green pill and you will be amazed at how the pounds will melt away like ice on a hot sunny day!  Before you know it you will have that buff beach body that everyone envies!  Call now and your first months supply is free!

You know better! I know better!  But we still watch and listen to these ads with the hope that it could be just as simple as a tiny green pill.  The truth is:  It never has been that simple and it never will be that simple!  Life is not simple!  It is complicated, tough and a challenge.

Everyone wants to think that there is a simple solution or a quick fix to whatever problem they are facing, but there usually is not! There is a solution and there is a fix.  But the solution and fix do not usually happen over night and it certainly can’t happen without you investing your fair share of the energy.

I don’t know what problem you are facing today, but I do know that there is a solution to that problem and I also know that the solution to your problem will flow out of your being in a right relationship with your Creator.

Being in a right relationship with your Creator takes time and effort on your part. God has already done and is doing His part!  We all need to make sure that we are investing time to build and grow our relationship with God.  He created you!  He loves you!  And He has an amazing plan for your life!  If you are not experiencing His amazing plan, then you have some work to do!

You need to start by getting to know Him! Start spending a little time with God everyday!  During this time with God – make sure that you are taking some time to talk with Him.  Just talk to Him like you would a friend.  Tell God what’s going on in your life, how you feel about it and how you would love some help.  Then make sure that you are listening!  What is God speaking back to you and what are you going to do about it?

Start thinking about what God thinks and realize that He has a plan for your life. Instead of just living life and getting by from day to day, start seeking to discover and live according to God’s plans!  The only thing that will fix what is broken in your life – is God and a right relationship with Him.  This relationship is hard work, but it’s worth it!