Let Go!

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Northwood Worship Center - The Building Where The Church Gets Ready To Go Out!

God hit me with this thought last week and I just came seem to escape from it!  “You say you have Jesus, but does Jesus have you?”

In Luke 9:57-62  – There are three guys that make the grand promise that they will follow Jesus, but before they do, they have just one thing that they need to take care of! I think that this is where most of us are living!  We want to follow Jesus, but there is always just one more thing that we have to take care of before we can step up and out!

Desire is easy! You should want to follow Jesus!  Most of us know that we should follow Jesus and I think that most of us want to follow Jesus – until following Jesus gets in the way of our plans of what we think is best for ourselves.

You can’t really follow Jesus – if you don’t trust Jesus! And I think this is where a lot of us get hung up.  We say we trust Him, but trust for most of us is really hope that he will get us out of Hell and into Heaven!

When Jesus was challenging these guys to follow – He knew that he had a cross of sacrifice in his future. His asking them to follow was going to cost him and them something!  Following Jesus does not guarantee us that life will always be comfortable, but it does promise that the comforter will always be with us!

We need to stop every so often and ask ourselves this question:  WHAT REALLY MATTERS? Much of what you and I will think and worry about today – does not really matter!  What does matter is this:  Do you have a real relationship with Jesus and in this relationship are you following Him?

You know that you are on your way to following Jesus, when you trust Jesus. You know that you are trusting Jesus when you open your heart and hands!  Your heart is the easy part.  Your hands are going to be the challenge.  What do you need to let go of, so that you can grab hold of the stuff of God?

3 thoughts on “Let Go!”

  1. I Feel ya Preach….And I’m Guilty…And Sometimes We wanna Keep him on a Chain almost like a dog..and We Defenetly cant Put Him up in the Closet and Bring Him down at Our Convieniece…..

  2. I want to follow Jusus more than anything. The hard part for me is knowing the difference between my voice in my head and His voice in my heart. There’s alot of my own stuff in the way sometimes. The Lord is helping me clean house, so to speak. I’m still learning. All I can really do is try to keep my focus on Him. I’ll just keep learning, praying, and growing best I can. I will wait patiently upon the Lord and hope that I hear Him when He says ‘go’. And hopefully I won’t trip over my own clutter in the process!

  3. I fall down alot when I’m following him. Thank you Jesus for helping me back up, dusting me off, and sending me on way again.

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