What Is Your Life Message?


We talked a little bit yesterday about W.W.J.D? (What Would Jesus Do?)  We discovered three things that Jesus did:  He was busy teaching in the churches, preaching the “Good News!” and healing the sick!

We then ask ourselves another important question:  WWW.DO? (What Will We DO?)  If we follow the example of Jesus, then there are three things that we must do.

The first thing that we must do is “Learn and Teach!  We need to put ourselves in a place of learning about God and His will for our lives.  As we begin to learn about who He is and about who we are in and through Him, we become qualified to help others to learn from our learning!

Second – We Need To Live And Preach! When you are presented with God’s Word, it should challenge and change you!  We should always walk away from an encounter with God’s Word as a different and better person.  A good question to ask God and ourselves is:   “God what do you want to change today?” God’s message is Good News!  The sermon that we preach is not with words, but with the actions and reactions of our lives.  We need Good News and our world need Good News!  And you get to be a part of receiving, being changed by and sharing the Good News!

Open your heart and mind to God and His Word today! Listen for what He is saying to you about who He has created you to be and what He has created you to do!  Live in victory!