Grace & Hope!
Grace & Hope!

Do you remember when it was all the rage to wear one of those “W.W.J.D?” bracelets? It seemed like everyone had one!  You were supposed to wear it as a reminder to ask yourself:  “What Would Jesus Do?” As you answered the question, you were to then find the motivation to do the right thing!  The problem was and is – A lot of people ask the question, but they fail to let the answer make any difference in their life!

In Matthew 4:23-25 we read about what Jesus did! He taught in the churches, preached the good news and healed the sick!  Thinking about what Jesus did and does has got me to thinking!  Maybe we need a new initial set! How about WWW.DO? = What Will We Do? Because of what Jesus has done and is doing – what will we do?

I would like to suggest three places to start!  We will take one place a day for the next few days!

First – We Need To Learn And Teach! Discipleship has got to be more that just a fancy church word in our vocabulary!  We need to put ourselves in a place where we can learn from God through His Word!  We need to learn, so that we can teach!  We like to think that we know it all, but when we are honest with ourselves – we know that we don’t!

The truth is:  You are coming out of a battle, in the midst of a battle or heading into a battle! The best way to be prepared for battle is by learning from God about who you are, what you were created for and how God plans to use your life for His glory!  We should always be preparing for the next battle!  What is it in your life that God needs to deal with, so that you can help others to deal with it in their lives?  As God teaches you to deal with your stuff – you get to help others deal with their stuff!