You Matter!

Gracie Loves To Swim!
Gracie Loves To Swim!

Every person matters to Jesus! He wants everyone to come into a life changing relationship with Him.  Jesus wants everyone to come and be a part.  This is why He invites us.  Jesus says “Follow Me!”  He will not force Himself into a relationship with us – the choice is ours to make!  He offers the invitation to follow and we decide if we will.

Life with Jesus is much simpler than most make it! He leads and we follow!  Here’s the good news:  You don’t have to figure out the way!  Just follow! It is in the process of following that Jesus makes us into the something that God created each one of us to be.

There is one thing that is very important for you to understand:  Following Jesus is not cheap! It is going to cost you something.  When Jesus called the Disciples to follow Him, the Scripture teaches that each one left what they were doing to follow!  You will have to let something go, leave something behind, so that you can follow!

You’ve been thinking about following for a long time. You love Jesus and you even say that you are a Christian, but are you following Him?  You know that there has to be more than what you are experiencing, but keep asking yourself:  “How do I get there?”  You will have to leave something behind!  What is it that is holding you back and keeping you down?  What is it that you need to let go of and walk away from so that you can walk after Jesus?  Let’s all get honest and get free!

2 thoughts on “You Matter!”

  1. It’s hard to believe sometimes that we matter to God. That’s not what the world would have us believe about ourselves. And one of the hardest things to do is change. We’re so comfortable in the things that we’re used to. Leaving something behind to allow for change is difficult but necessary. I pray that Jesus will help me make the changes that I need to make for Him. Your right…..following Him is the easy part! Thanks again for giving me something to think about…….

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