Interested In You!

Hope At Awards Day!
Hope At Awards Day!

God is interested in You! I’ve been reading and studying my way through the book of Matthew, specifically focusing on the life of Jesus and I can’t help but notice that Jesus was and is really into people!  He walked into their lives and He talked into their lives and He made a difference in their lives!

God is interested in the ordinary! Another thing that I noticed is that Jesus is interested in the ordinary!  Most of the time we see Him investing most of His time and energy with ordinary people!  Jesus will use the ordinary in extraordinary ways to bring glory to the Father!  We don’t have to be flashy to have the attention of God, just faithful!

God wants you to be fulfilled! I know – it may be hard for you to believe, but God really is interested in you and your life.  He wants you to succeed, be happy and experience fulfillment.  We tend to get in the way of His plans to bless us with our own manipulated and messed up schemes!  Just get out of His way and let Him work on, in and through your life!

You matter to God! God cares about what is going on in your life!  I want to encourage you to take a little time today and all through out this week to talk and listen to Him!  Really seek to discover the truth and experience the reality of how much He cares for you!