Call It What You Want!

Repentance has become known as one of those big church words that scare most people away, before we even take the time to give it any real consideration.  Just hearing the word repentance – causes our mind to shut down and engages our mouth to start making excuses, while our feet are looking for the nearest and quickest get-a-way!

It really does not matter what we call it.  The reality of life is this:  We all need to repent –  u-turn, change direction, do a 180!  Not a single one of us living on this planet is perfect!  We all make mistakes and even though we hate to admit it, we fail to do some of the things that we know we should and end up doing some things that we know we should not!  The Bible calls this – not doing what we should and doing what we shouldn’t – sin!  You can call it whatever you want to call it!

The fact is this:  If you and I are honest with ourselves, we must admit that we mess up and miss the mark!  If we mess up and miss the mark, then we must need to u-turn, change direction, do a 180 – in other words – repent!  To repent is not a bad thing – it is simply an acknowledgement that our life was headed in the wrong direction and a change is now being made to head it in the right direction!  Change so that your life is headed in the right direction is a good thing!

When we repent, u-turn, change direction, do a 180 – God is able to do some amazing things in our lives:  He is able to bring refreshing, which we needed and didn’t even realize we needed!  He is able to bring about restoration and bring us back to a better place than we could ever get ourselves!  And He gives us revival to light our fire from the inside-out, so that we might burn bright for His glory and the blessing of everyone!