Take Responsibility!

I have noticed a very disturbing trend developing in our country!  Men, women, boys and girls of all ages are looking for someone else to blame!  It really does not matter the issue – big or small.  Most of us are not willing to step up and take responsibility!

We don’t want to take responsibility, but we will huff and puff about how “somebody” else should have taken responsibility.  We want to stand back at a distance and sling mud, rather than get in there and do some work to get rid of the mud!

Many of us are waiting on someone else to do what we should be doing!  We have become lazy, apathetic, stubborn and resistant to the change that would bring amazing growth to our own lives.  Stop looking at everyone else and what they are or are not doing and take a good and honest look at yourself.  What in your life needs to be worked on?  What changes can you make that would make a difference in you and those around you?  I have been taking a look at myself and can tell you that I have a lot that I am working on and need to work on!

God has an incredible plan for all of our lives!  God wants to do some amazing things in and through each one of us!  It is time for us to stop pointing our fingers, placing blame and dodging responsibility.  Step up and step out!  A lot of the frustration that you live with and blame on others everyday is in reality caused by you and your wrong reactions or inaction!  Step up to the plate and deal with the stuff that the Spirit is revealing in your life.  Step out of your comfort zone and allow the Spirit to take you to some new places so that you can experience some new experiences!

God has given you two eyes!  Put the “judgmental eye” on yourself and put the “grace eye on others!”  Take responsibility for you – no one else is going to, so you might as well!  And by the way – you will be glad that you did!

7 thoughts on “Take Responsibility!”

  1. Thank You…You are Defenetly a Great Role Model..For Myself and for others..God Bless You Preach,Sir..Our Beautiful Leader

  2. Thank you Pastor, I think the same way. When you go pointing that finger at someone else. Turn it back on YOURSELF and fix you. I know from experience that fixing myself is a full time job. But the rewards from my savior is all I need!

  3. When you have one finger pointing at someone else. You have three pointing back at you. I really have alot to work on fixing myself. It’s a job that will last a lifetime.

  4. I agree with you 100%. I have some things that I need to work on in my life and they are becoming more and more apparent since I have started going to church again and actually listening to what the pastor has to say.

    I am thankful to have you as a cousin Michael, and I am going to make it a point to attend your church way up there in Greer one day here soon, I promise!

  5. Danny, please come to visit Northwood. You just don’t know what you are missing!! It is a wonderful place to be and MJ is such a blessing to us.

  6. Preacher has the camera’s on at our home again. EXACTALLY what I have been TRYING to teach our children at our home the last couple of days. Your reaffirmation is just what I needed as a reminder that sometimes standing up for what is right may not be the popular vote AND looking the other way can be easer! The price to pay for not taking responsibility and living with those in the world who have none is far greater than teaching someone to “own up”. Sometimes bad decisions are made but pretending and not taking ownership for them is exactly what makes us complain about how other people in the world treat us. We don’t like it when it happens to us out side our homes but yet we want to look the other way when it is in our own home. Parents, teach your children. Pastor, Keep on being real!!!!!!!

  7. Everyone, I LUV U!!!! You are all awesome spiritly and phycikly, and every other “ly” word there is…that isn’t insulting to the Lord.


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