4 thoughts on “What Do You Love About God?”

  1. Now thats what I’m Talking about…I Likes This and Hope You Continue with the Video’s More in the Future..its like you being here with us..Thanks Gracie and Thank You Preach

  2. So cool!!! Love it!! There’s just so much to love about God. He loves me no matter how much or how badly I mess up. He’s always there watching out for me and taking care of me and blessing me when I am so undeserving. I don’t understand how anyone could’nt love God but some don’t because they haven’t experienced God.

  3. What a treat to get to see my Gracie just as if she were here talking to me. Papa and I are so thankful that Gracie has asked Jesus into her heart and she has the example and encouragement of godly parents who live their faith and not just claim it. Thanks Michael Joe! Can’t wait til Papa gets home to see this!

  4. I think Gracie has it right! The things we take for granted and rarely even think about are gifts from God! Good thinkin Gracie! No wonder Jesus thought so highly of children!…simple, thankful, and real love!

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