On Sunday nights I have been preaching a series that encourages us to stop acting like Christians and instead focus on being Christians!  Last night I was giving Gracie one of my “Dad Lectures”.  I was telling her that I love her and I am proud of her and one of the reasons that we allow her some of the freedoms that we do – is because we trust her and know that she is a good girl.  I then went onto explain to her that if you are a Christian it is important to act like one – to which she replied:  “Be one!”  I said “What did you say?”  She said “Be one, not act like one!”  My little eight year old gets it!  She has been listening to her Daddy and putting it into practice.

None of us are perfect, but if we have a relationship with Jesus, we are forgiven.  And if we are forgiven, then we are Christians!  This is what we are!  This is who we are!  We need to be Christian!  A term that we use for this is “disciple!”  Jesus taught us that to really have faith means that we will follow Him and His direction!  Discipleship is the way of life for the man, woman, boy or girl that has a relationship with Jesus.  A disciple learns from and follows a teacher.  Our teacher is Jesus!

To be a disciple means that my life and daily living is influenced by Jesus and His life.  My vision is not something that I have to create and craft, it is something that is provided for me by my Savior and friend.  I am accountable to God and His Holy Spirit will communicate with me constantly about the best way to live out my faith.  I must take and make time everyday to study, learn and apply the amazing truths of Scripture.

We cannot reap the harvest of discipleship, unless we do the work of a disciple!  If we want to live in the power of humility, then we must live humble lives.  If we want to grow and be productive, then we must work and do our part to grow according to God’s plan.  

God calls us to make disciples!  If we are going to make disciples, then we must first be disciples!  I’ve got some more work to do!  My focus today:  BEING!  Thank you Grace for the reminder!

3 thoughts on “Being!”

  1. We are so blessed to have our very own instruction book – The Bible. We are so blessed to have our very own teacher and guide – Jesus Christ. We are so blessed to have ministers who help us to understand – like Michael Joe. We are so blessed to have each other – Northwood Baptist Church. — Learning, understanding, following Jesus, growing in our relationship with Him and with each other, and passing it on to others in our community whenever we can —- That’s some of what makes a good disciple.

  2. Missy and I listened to several of your “live” devotions. Very encouraging. Thank you Michael Joe! What beautiful pictures of our babies!!

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