Pop's And Hope!

Pop's And Hope!

I was siting here thinking about how many of us are “working for the weekend!”  A lot of my friends on Facebook or Twitter will put comments like TGIF = Thank God It’s Friday, Finally Friday or Woo Hoo – It’s Friday!  We love Fridays, because it means that we hopefully are going to get a break from the Monday through Friday routine!  What do you do with the Friday Evening through Sunday night time slots that causes you so look forward to it?  I want to suggest three steps to make it even more special in the days ahead!

Step One:  Let Go!  Before you embark on your weekend of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation, take a few moments to think about whatever challenges you are facing, make sure that you have done whatever you can do, to help make these things better and then, let them go.  Sure they may still be there on Monday, but on Monday you will have fresh eyes, a purer heart and a stronger Spirit to face them with!

Step Two:  Let God!  Make sure that as you enjoy being outside to take in all of God’s creation or inside working on some home improvement project or just enjoying some rest, that you take time to remind yourself of God’s goodness.  Whatever it is that you love and enjoy about the weekend – at it’s heart is the fact that God has given you a gift of being able to lay it all down for a few moments, so that you can just enjoy being yourself!

Step Three:  Worship!  When you really come to the place where you let go and let God, then you can’t help but to worship!  God is worthy and deserving of our worship.  We need to worship Him in private and in public!  We need to take time everyday, all throughout the day to lift God up as “Number One” in our lives.  And we need to come together with fellow Believers and remind ourselves of God and His goodness.  We need to take time to re-focus our lives on Him!  Don’t just go to church this Sunday – go to church with the right attitude, not an attitude of checking something off of your to-do list, but an attitude of wonder and worship as you appreciate your God, who loves you with an amazing love!

I hope that you enjoy the amazing weekend that God has blessed you with!