Five Ideas For Growth!

1.  Know And Grow!  What is it that God has you doing with your life?  Whatever it is that you are doing – make sure that you are doing it better than anybody else!  Study and learn all you can about the field of your service!  Think everyday about how you can do whatever it is that you do better!

2.  Make People Matter!  Value people and relationships!  The old saying is true:  “People do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care!”  Take advantage of every opportunity that God gives you to add value to other people’s lives!

3.  Enjoy The Experience!  Find what God made you for and jump in with both feet.  Stick with it and give it your all everyday.  Take time to evaluate what is going on in and with your life and make sure that you are learning from your successes and your failures!  Enjoy your experiences, but don’t get stuck on or in them!

4.  Create Creativity!  Get some people around you that can help you think and dream in creative ways.  Ask yourself:  “Is there a better way?”  Look for people that are doing what God has called and gifted you to do and learn from what they are getting right and wrong!  Get out of your comfort zones and go to some new places and do some new things!

5.  Pursue Passion!  Look for what you are good at and for what you love and then give yourself to it completely!  Look for people that you can get around that will lift you up!  Stop spending so much time with “downer people”!  Invest your time with people that have passion and grow your passion, so that you will have some to give to others!