How To Hit A Curve Ball!

Live life long enough and you will get thrown more than your fair share of curve balls!  Every now and then life will ping you with a foul ball!  But always remember this:  There is nothing that life can throw your way that God does not already know about and have a plan for!  It does not matter what your circumstances are – God and His plans are bigger!  It does not matter how big your problems are – God and His plans are bigger!  It does not matter how impossible it all may seem – God and His plans are bigger!

Anything that life throws your way, will have to pass by God before it gets to you!  If God allows it to go past Him to get to you, then you know that there is a purpose in it!  You may not understand it and it may not make sense, but there is a purpose!  God is always up to something in your life.  God uses the situations and circumstances of life to mold and shape us into wonderful creations!

Don’t get anxious and don’t worry!  Take your eyes off of your circumstances and make sure that you place and keep them focused on Him!  Remember:  God has some special purpose and plan and you do not have to understand it for it to become a reality in your life!  

There is no grief that you will ever face that God is not in it – growing you for and toward His purposes.  There is no sorrow that you will ever encounter that God is not in it – bringing healing that will lead to fulfillment of His purpose.  There is no trial that you will ever face that is bigger than God and His plans for your life.

Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and don’t let your own limited understanding get in the way!

7 thoughts on “How To Hit A Curve Ball!”

  1. Boy is this ever true!! I remember several years ago you told us this very thing and sure enough, I got thrown a BIG curve ball. You also told us that “GOD IS IN CONTROL”. Boy, is he ever!!! I could not have handled that curve ball if it had not been for GOD. God’s grace carried me through then and is still carrying me today, almost five years later. I trusted God with all my heart then and I trust him with all my heart today. God made a believer out of me!! He truly is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I remember the same sermon Jerri was talking about right after Amy and I broke up. I was crushed at the time, but this perspective helped me through it. When you’re 18 and in love, it’s hard to see life’s circumstances as a chance for God to improve us, but you helped me see this. I still revert back to this often. Thanks for the reminder! Love ya

  3. Great encouragement. Great advise. It’s all a matter of perspective. Trusting in the Lord is the only way to win. He will guide us though and teach us about this game called life. Keep your eye on God. With God’s help we can one day hit that curve ball out of the park!!!

  4. Thanks MJ, as always God’s words (as with everything else) come at the perfect time.
    I needed the reminder today to keep my eyes on HIM and take them off the circumstances.

  5. We’ve had a few curve balls in the past couple of years, and you are absolutely right! God is in control of it all! We have grown by keeping our eyes on Him, not on our circumstances.

  6. Perfect timing for me. Rainy Mondays can really “get you down” when you start focusing on circumstances and not on His PROMISE! “I will never leave you, or forsake you.”! Thank you for the “reinforced” focus!!!! T. =)

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