What Is A Disciple?

A Weed Or A Flower? 


A Weed Or A Flower?

Jesus commanded the church to “Make Disciples!”  in Matthew 28:19-20.  With that in mind, my staff and I have been working to try and figure out what our process for making disciples as a church should look like!  We have not even got close to the process part yet!  We began by trying to answer the question:  “What is a disciple?”  We wanted to answer this question so that even a non-disciple could understand.  This is our rather lengthy definition:

A disciple is a person who has entered into a change relationship with God through Jesus and is in process of ongoing change to become more like Jesus everyday, who when confronted makes the choice to not sin, out of love for Christ and out of that love shows love to others by sharing the Gospel that has changed their life and eternity!

So what do you think?  Do you have anything to add or take away?  We really want to get serious about Northwood being disciples and making disciples!  Thanks for your insight and prayer!

4 thoughts on “What Is A Disciple?”

  1. Great definition! This will go a long way in allowing Northwood to make even more disciples (you guys already do a great job!). My only question would be what if the person gives into the temptation to sin? That doesn’t mean they’re not still a disciple? Just a little thing…

  2. The key words I think would be “process”” “change” and “confronted” and what do these words mean? This is one of those questions that I have been trying to answer for most of my Christian life! Romans 6:1-23

  3. Yes, that is quite a definition but a good one. Good question though, Jonathan. We all sin daily, but does that mean we are not a disciple? I think the difference in a true disciple or not is when we do sin, we recognize it immediately as sin and we want to confess it and get right before God. Maybe something like that should be included in the definition?

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