You Ain’t So Bad!

Yesterday, we took a look at the “Family Tree” of Jesus found in Matthew 1:1-17!  In this family tree, we discover that Jesus had a rather scandalous group of ancestors.  It is a very amazing and beautiful thing that God would allow all of these ordinary and messed up people to be a part of His Grand Plan Of Salvation.

One of the people that we talked about yesterday was King David.  We read about David in I & II Samuel.  David is one of my favorite people to read about in the Bible, because he was so normal!  He was just an ordinary shepherd boy that God used in a mighty way to defeat a giant!  He did some great things and made some huge mistakes!  David had a regular line of successes and screw-ups!

The thing that made David special was the fact that he had a heart for God!  He was not some religious “goody goody.”  He was just a normal guy, that believed in God and loved having a relationship with Him.  David reminds me that God loves me – no matter what!  He loves me when I succeed and He loves me when I fail.  God’s love for me is not based in my successes or failures!  God’s love is a free and amazing gift and this amazing love motivates me to want to live for Him!

Take some time today to think about how much God loves you and don’t buy into the lie that God’s love is something that you have to earn.  Just accept it and enjoy it and live in the power of all that His love brings to you!