Salt Of The Earth!

In Matthew 5:13 Jesus said:  “You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has become tasteless, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything; except to be thrown out an trampled under foot by men!”  Jesus makes His message personal by saying YOU are the SALT of the earth!  Jesus is talking to you and me – Believers, Christ Followers, People that have relationship with Him!  We live in a rotten, decaying and dying world and our job as Christians is to ARREST THE ROT!

Notice that Jesus says:  “You ARE the SALT of the earth!”  He does not ask us to be a representative of salt.  He does not ask us to supply the salt.  He does not challenge us to act as a salt substitute!  Jesus is telling us that if we are in relationship with Him – we are the salt of the earth!  The earth that we live on, while it is a rotten and dying earth, it is not what it could be.  Because Christians are here, the rot is not near as bad as it could be or should be.  This earth could be a place of great blessing, but because of the rot of sin and disobedience, much of the blessing has been replaced with rot, but still the rot does not have complete control – not as long as we as Believers are busy doing and being what God created us and Jesus saved us to do.

Realize it or not – YOUR INFLUENCE MATTERS!  You may feel like you are the only one trying to live the right life and you may feel like you are not making muchof a difference, but stop and think for a moment:  What if your influence and contribution was not around?  Would rot gain a little more ground?  Please don’t think that you and your life lived for Christ does not matter, because it matters and it matters a lot!  YOU ARE THE SALT OF THE EARTH!

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  1. Michael Joe, i just wanted to ask you (and anyone else who reads this) to pray for 2 familys. One I work with, (Rachel Gleason, her mom is a Chemo Nurse where i work) and the other is a lung transplant reciepent. It looks like Trish may have gotten her lungs tonight, pray for her family and the donors family. (in the visit area type RachelGleason (1 word)

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