The Most Amazing Gift!

It is amazing to think about how much God loves us!  When you take just a moment to really stop and think about the Christmas story and how God out of His great love for us sent His Son to be born into this world, so that we could have a Savior and be restored to right relationship and blessing – it is just an amazing thought!  God loves me!  I don’t deserve it and I never could!  I can’t earn it, not even on my best day.  God just loves me, because He is God and God is love!  God’s love compels Him to give me the gift of life – everlasting and abundant!  He does not have to give me life and love – He has made the choice to bless me with these amazing gifts!

This Christmas as we give and receive gifts, let’s make sure and take the time to appreciate the greatest gift of all – a relationship with God through our Savior Jesus Christ!