The Simple Life!

Someone said that simplicity is living according to a set of values that reduce our dependency upon the world and increase our dependency upon God!  I am finding that as I experience more and more of life, this statement is right on the mark!  When I try to live my life according to a set of values that have been set up or influenced by the world, I am constantly making adjustments to try and find just the right fit and I get frustrated at the complication, but when I live my life according to the values that grow out of my depending on and trusting in Christ – life just seems to work an I am blessed with peace and fulfillment!

My problem is staying with the right set of values!  I love God and I want to live for Him.  It is the desire of my life to bring glory to His name and growth to His Kingdom!  I Just sometimes get sidetracked by all of the other stuff.  The influnces of people and what they think or say will sometimes cause me to step right out of God’s values that lead to peace and into man’s values that lead to frustration!  I like to think that I am making life more simple, but what I am really doing is complicating things!

God has a plan – it is the best plan!  When I am in the right state of mind – I choose these good things of God and life is really simple and blessed!