I Love Sundays!

I love Sundays!  I love getting up in the morning and getting everything ready to help people to get ready for the next week of their lives.  That is kinda how I see Sundays.  We go to church to worship God and thank Him for the week that He just gave us and to ask Him for strength, guidance and direction for the week to come!  Sundays are very busy for me – they start early and end late, but they are very fulfilling.  I begin the day by praying as I get things ready (lights on, doors open, materials in place).  I then get to interact with brothers and sisters from every walk of life.  We sing, pray and worship together and I share a message that God has birthed in my heart.  When God puts something in you, there is am amazing fulfillment that comes when you get it out and share it with others.  The possibilities of seeing people’s lives and love as it changes and grows is something that words cannot explain!

Well, I gotta go – I’ve got lots to do to get ready, but I can already tell – it’s going to be an amazing day!  I can’t wait to see what God is going to do in our lives today!  Look forward to it and you might just be surprised at what God will do in your life!