The Gift Of Grace!

God has blessed us with an amazing gift called grace!  I believe that we all need to experience the deep, profund and amazing grace of God in our lives.  Grace that we find outside of ourselves, not that we manufacture to make ourselves feel better about life.  Grace that comes when we call on God, seek Him  and discover that real grace is so much more than a word, it is a gift revealed by God through His love, Word and interaction with His creation!

We are all searching for something that will satisfy the hunger of our lives and Spirit.  We are looking to connect with something or someone that will sustain us through the difficulties and support us in whatever life situation we may encounter!  There are so many people that just can’t believe that God can care for them – they feel unworthy and cannot bring themselves to the place of experiencing forgiveness.

Yet, there is a stirring in every person’s spirit.  A stirring that invites each and everyone of us to experience the amazing gift of God’s grace, forgiveness, love and acceptance.  God loves us and that love says that we are worth something!  It is through grace that our hearts are mended and our lives are put back together.  God will strengthen our spirit, renew our life and make us stronger!  Enjoy the gift!