More Talk To Yourself!

I am without limits in every area of life!  God has made it possible for me to move through life experiencing and sharing blessing every moment of every day!  The choices I make are only limited by the faith that I possess!  I make my decisons based on what I believe God wants for me, not based on what others say or try and manipulate.  God has given me the ability to invite others into this experience of blessing that I am living in.  I am prospering, experiencing good health and enjoying growing relationships.

God says that I can have everlasting and abundant life and I make the choice to have faith and believe Him!  God is not limited by anything or anybody.  He is more than enough and has more than enough for everyone, everywhere to live in blessing!  I see Him all around me.  I want Him and His blessing in my life.  I trust Him to do what He has promised He would do – to and through me!

I choose His blessing not because I want to stockpile for myself, but because I want to be used by Him to bless others!  God’s unlimited supply of good things will flow to me and through me, if I am open and willing!  I am blessed to have people around me that I like and that like me.  I am thankful for people that help me to grow and allow me to help them!  It is a great blessing to be able to interact with others.  I enjoy conversation, laughing and appreciate what God has created in others that make them unique and different.  And in return they enjoy their interaction with me.  My goal is to appreciate and not criticize.

I am invgorated with life!  I am healthy and growing in all areas:  spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and financial!  Today is a glorious day!  God allows me to use my physical brain, while accessing His supernatural power.  I am at a great place in my life here on earth and I set out today to look for the good things of God.  I bring the good stuff of God into my life, while ignoring and leaving the bad behind!

I will enjoy and grow in this day!