Talk To Yourself!

We should take some time everyday to talk to our Creator and to talk to ourself!  You might be thinking:  “What would I say to self?”  I’ll give you some suggestions in the next several posts:

Today is a great day and I am glad that God has given it to me!  I am living an amazing life!  I am using the abilities provided by my Creator which allow me to create and choose what kind of a life I am going to live and enjoy.  I am full of energy and journey through life with peace, joy and happiness.  I attract and am attracted to those that love and protect peace, joy and happiness, and I love to spend time with them!  God has put His purpose in my heart and I know why I am here and what I am doing.  Every day and in every way, I understand what I want and what I was created for.  I am healthy, refreshed and ready for whatever it is that is about to come my way!  I am dressed inside and out in the manner that I have chosen for myself and what others think does not influence me in a negative or positive way.  What is important is that God is pleased with me and that I find peace in who and what I am.

2 thoughts on “Talk To Yourself!”

  1. YEAH! You’re back! I have REALLY missed the blog…there is something very comforting about the unity of believing, living, and meditating on the same things!
    Once again, YEAH! T. =)

  2. I ‘ve been drawn by God, a lot lately, into thought about His answers to our prayers. He is so good to us, and we sometimes just expect our prayers to be answered because He tells us we can ask anything in His name. We don’t always, however, remember how He goes about our answers.

    There are many scripture accounts that spell this out very clearly. When the hungry needed to fed, they were told to feed them. When His people needed to be freed, they were freed. When the sick were healed, He healed them.

    In each and every case, He did as He was asked. But, in each and every case, He asked them to do something too.

    Break the loaves and fishes, place the rod in the water, rise and walk. He expects us to do the same. God ansers our prayers many times, with a command. That command to me, reminds me to be aware of what God expects of me, on my part of the deal.

    First, I must listen intently to the Holy Spirit’s direction through prayer, then I must use my faith to follow the command.

    This is often the difficult part. But, the more experience I have in knwoing how this works, the easier it becomes. In fact, the truth is, I have come to the place in my life where I would rather He be in control than me. It work better, and I don’t have to worry about answers, only about how obedient I can be.

    Praise God, for His teachings through His word and the Holy Spirit which speaks to me each day.

    Love to all my family in Christ, Barbara Day

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