Back Up Your Life!

I am back!  I had a computer crash and have been trying to get things back up and running!  Fortunately, I had backed up all of the important information, but seemed to have lost some pics and music!  Just a week before the big crash, I had thought to myself, that I needed to backup my whole computer on one of those external hard drives, but never got around to going and buying one!  The result:  I did not lose everything, but, I did lose some things!

The whole process got me to thinking about how we know what we ought to do, but often never get around to doing it.  Like we know that we should back up our lives by reading, studying and applying God’s Word.  We hear the sermons, but how often do we really take the time to back up our lives by applying what we are hearing?

Take some time today think about some of the areas of your life that God could improve – and think about how some of what you are hearing and reading applies.  Back up your daily living with the good stuff of God and you will be amazed at how much sweeter life can be!