Cold Weather!

Was it cold to you this morning?  I got a chill that I could not seem to get rid of!  I need to go outside and work on setting up for Sweet Treat, but I am not sure that I want to go out there again – at least not until it warms up a little!  Feeling the cold and feeling it in such a major way got me to thinking about how much we don’t feel.  When life is working as usual and everything is going the way that we like for it to go – we tend to feel very little.  But let something change, even just a little bit and watch out – there are all kinds of feeling and our thoughts are shared freely.

I have not felt the cold in a while and so I have gotton used to the warmth and it has become comfortable to me.  Now the cold comes and attempts to mess with and take away my comfort!  My first thought is:  “I can’t stand this cold!”  My second thought is:  “I am going to do all that I can to avoid it!”  But wait just a minute – I like the cold weather!  It puts a spring in my step, I seem to breath easier and I get to wear cloths that have been hanging in my closet looking lonely all summer long!

My problem is not what I feel!  My problem is that I have not felt what I am feeling for a while and so I am not used to it and I am tempted to avoid and miss it, when I need to embrace and enjoy it!  Our spiritual life is very much the same!  We have an expereince that is not what we are used to and we are tempted to go to pieces, but when we stop for just a momnet and think about it, things are not near as bad as we might think!  In fact, they might be better than we realize!

So – whatever is going on in your life today = embrace it and look forward to the journey that God has you on!

3 thoughts on “Cold Weather!”

  1. With the change in season, I realize that I have neglected or rather, have chosen to ignore, a few thing over the comfortable summer. I am excited about the cooler weather but realize that my winter clothes from last year mysteriously “shrank” while stored away. And, you are right, as long as we are comfortable, we don’t have to feel, but once reality sets in and you have to face certain truths…Ice cream is not a diet food no matter how “low carb” he label describes it!
    Life is like that as you made clear…our lives are made up of season’s: Spring is our childhood when other’s take care of us and we don’t have any worries. Summer: our young adulthood when we are bearing all kinds of fruit. Stressfully chasing our young ones around, oblivious to the fact that they will not be ours forever…we think it will never end! We are also building careers and friendships that last lifetimes.
    Autumn our careers are in full swing but our “little babies” are driving cars, eating meals with their friends, going off to college, starting their own families. This is where I am. (It’s a 40’s thing!) This time of year brings about excitement of fall colors and cooler days, and a time of reflection. (“I should have swam in my pool more this summer.” “I should have taken another vacation.”)
    In a way, it’s sad because before long, the leaves will have fallen, the flowers are gone, the birds will have flown south, the days are short. But, there is always the hope that we’ll have snow THIS year.
    God’s word tells us “to everything there is a season”. At the Joyce Meyer event that some of us attended in the spring, she spoke of the seasons of life and how we need to enjoy and accept and embrace the season of life we are in right now and stop trying to hold on previous season. Enjoy the journey!
    Sorry this is so long but it could have been a lot longer! I have shortened it all I can so I hope it makes sense! T. =)

  2. This time of the year is just about one of my favorites! The leaves are turning and the air is crisp in the morning and evening. We live close to Glasy Mountain and I am NOT a morning person, but I have committed to getting up earlier to have quiet time and to get the kids up and going! I looked out my kitchen window yesterday morning and frost was on the ground and a low fog was lingering. It was almost daylight and I noticed four deer. This is not rare because they are always out there some mornings. and evenings. This particular morning is was like a post card! I stood there and enjoyed watching them! God is so awesome in his creations!
    God has a way of showing us what is important in life! My daddy just had his 70th Birthday on Monday. I began to think of past memories of this time of year and what he means to me. He and my Mom went to visit his brother in Wahalla and called to ask me if the trees were turning up our way becuase they were going to take the scenic route up Hwy11 if they were pretty. I told her around our house they were, and she made the comment “Well good, because you never know when your last day will be and we want to look at God’s beauty” She called last late last night to tell me they were back home and what a good time they had on their visit. She also told me I had better go see the trees before the leaves fall!
    Doesn’t God have a way of speaking to us just through the “simple” things!

  3. Reading about the hot and cold of weather started the wheels in my mind to turn to other things besides weather in our lives that run hot or cold–things like relatioinships. Cold shoulders can, just like the weather, cause us to want to stay in our warm comfort zones. On the other hand warm friendships motivate us into action maybe even into new and colder zones where we have not before ventured. Then, I began to think on warm friendships that I have experienced but that I have not nurtured, and what was once warm is now cold. I thought of spiritual relationships and how they, too, can fluctuate between hot and cold depending upon our motivation. But then my mind brought to its forefront the beautiful mountain scenes I witnessed today on a short trip to get apples, and I realized that if God renews nature, i.e., seed to blossom to seed, we, too, can be confident that our relationship with Him if allowed to cool, can be seeded to blossom in warmth again by just being real in our seeking Him. In like manner, waning and cooling friendships can become ebbing and vibrant ones by being motivated to seek them. Never thought about it before, but life is a circle…hot, warm, cold, warm hot.

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