From The Cheif Freak! (September Newsletter)

     God started working on me a long time ago, and He has done some amazing things in my life of almost forty years, but in the last month, He has really started to change my heart, life, perception and outlook!     I have always loved Jesus!  Even before I entered into a personal relationship with Him.  When I was just a young boy – I loved Him!  But I am finding that the older I get, the more life experience allows me to see all that Jesus has gotten me through and is getting me through –growing me all along the way!  This hindsight which provides insight motivates me to love Him more than I ever have before.     I guess when I was young I took a lot on faith and for granted, but now after I have lived in a real and growing relationship with Christ for a while, I have discovered and actually had the opportunity to prove that His love, power, forgiveness and restoration are true!     When I first entered into a relationship with Christ, I wanted to tell everybody, everywhere about what Jesus had just done for me by coming into my heart and forgiving me of all of my sins!     As we grow in our relationship, I think we get used to the being forgiven and we may even take for granted His presence and work in our lives, but hopefully we don’t stay there!     Hopefully, one day when things are not going as we think they should—we will open up our Bible—His Words and read about Him and how awesome He is!            And hopefully that will stir up some old feelings that cause us to do more than love!  Hopefully that will stir up some feelings that cause us in our love to do some totally crazy and unexplainable things for His glory!     Love will make you do some crazy things!  And that’s one of the things that is so cool about love!  When was the last time you allowed your love for the One who loved you with such an incredible love to cause you to be crazy for Him?     I am not sure how many years I have left!  I hope that it’s a bunch, but if it’s not that’s okay!  I just want to take whatever years I have left and be a freak for Jesus!  I want my life here on this earth to be radically different for and because of Him!     In the days ahead, I hope that people will talk about me!  I hope they will say I am crazy, that I’ve lost my mind, because the truth is:  I have not lost my mind, but I have found my heart and it belongs to Jesus and that changes everything!     Please join me this month as we pursue a closer walk and relationship with Jesus.  He will Baptize Us Into Craziness!  Enable us to send Temptation Into A Tail-Spin!  Give us lives that Preach With Passion!  Continue to Call Us Into Insanity!  And take us on a Healing Head Trip!     It is my prayer that He will help each of us to become a little more of a freak for Him!  Let’s grow in our faithfulness and get people talking about the crazy people that are willing to give their all for Jesus and His glory!     I love Him and I love you and hope we can become freaks for Him!     God Bless & Freak Out! 

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  1. Sounds like it’s going to be an awesome journey! From one ‘freak’ to another, LET’S GO! Come on Ya’ll! T. =)

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